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Sumire Yoshizawa (INFP) - Persona 5 MBTI Types


Feb 21, 2013
Sumire Yoshizawa MBTI INFP - Persona 5 Myers-Briggs Types

Sumire INFP - Persona 5 MBTI Typings

Sumire is a INFP and here's why in my opinion.

Sumire is calm, shy, sensitive, follows her inner values strongly, curious and brainstorms multiple possibilities all the time and is indecisive and second guesses herself a lot with her aux Ne. Holds onto the past to a very large degree with her tertiary Si and compares and contrasts herself to Kasumi way too much with her Si, struggles to be efficient and confident as a Te inferior user but at times gets a flash of confidence and very driven in short bursts in her life. But overall her Fi sensitivity and inner values holds her back to accepting what happened to Kasumi isnt her fault and she should stop blaming herself for it so much and being in her emotions so much about it and things. Sumire is a classic INFP and is a very quiet meek girl overall, I suspect Kasumi was a ENFP in comparison to her.

Here's the part I wrote when I was watching her as Kasumi, I think Sumire came out a bit into the Kasumi fake façade she gave why still acting her personality a bit too, so Kasumi and her portrayal is probably ENFP mix but INFP actually with how Sumire is. So keep that in mind when you read below. But I would say the original Kasumi her sister was probably ENFP again in my opinion and they were similar as NFP sisters as a whole:

Kasumi is very sweet, innocent, idealistic, detailed, and emotionally driven person. She freaked out when you didn't like the food and brainstormed all the possible new foods she could get you as she panicked in that scene and had to calm down and relax. She has very strong feelings about things inside like with her panicking over the food with her Fi and follows her inner values and heart with everything she does. She's very sweet and innocent too. Her Si ter is very detailed with her training regime as a gymnast as she told all the detailed things she does and prepares for to keep up her athletics. She's a very emotional person and is very future oriented person too. She thinks what the phantom thieves is doing is very noble and good overall but also very bad in the long run to society. She cares a lot about individualism with her Fi and people overcoming there own problems themselves if possible, "When someone's faced with a problem to overcome, I believe they need to do it themselves." This is a very Fi line, hinting hard she's INFP, and of course she's being future oriented here with her Ne. "Getting help from others is totally fine, but in the end, it takes a person's initiative to truly creative a lasting change." Authenticity and individualism mean a lot with her, her Fi is very strong in her and very dominant in her personality as a INFP in my opinion from observing her. She thinks if people rely on the phantom thieves, people wont ever make a conscious effort anymore and rely on fixing their problems on their own or trying. Individualism and working hard yourself the best you can to help fix your problems means a lot to her, even if it involves the help from others still I imagine she's thinking still, just over relying on the phantom thieves to fix it and your issues isn't the best choice or route in her opinion and you should instead try yourself to find methods to fix problems going on in your own life Kasumi thinks, classic INFP in her and Fi dom inner values she has here.

Sumire is always calm, shy and sensitive as a girl. She holds onto the past a lot and is extremely sensitive inside with her dom Fi, to a huge extent in the game consistently. She brainstorms a lot and thinks and imagines possibilities in her head all the time with her aux Ne and she's insanely idealistic as a person and NF. She can't let go of blaming herself on what happened to Kasumi and thinks it was her fault, and her Si holds onto this to a large extent in the game along with her Fi feelings on things and this again as a INFP girl. She struggles to be efficient and confident and it takes a insanely long time to get over these fears and build the courage to surpass them and move on and be more efficient and fix things in the process, shes definitely a inferior Te user for sure. Her Fi comes to grips with her strong inner emotions and she ends up overcoming her feelings eventually and moving forward to finally being herself completely and fully authentic like her Fi deep down wants even if she didn't know it yet, she accepts her name and finally moves forward and tries to accept her strengths and achieve their gymnast dream together with Kasumi in her mind. Sumire is a classic INFP and I hope this post helped you see why, she's not ESFP or ISFP, Sumire is definitely INFP and these are the reasons why in my opinion why I type her so. Thanks for reading.