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Suggest interior design ideas for a mansion


Jul 9, 2018



Active member
Jun 15, 2011
Just a subfloor but a subfloor made out of 15/32-sized boards of Honduran Mahogany... the interior doors would be 6-paneled Honduran Mahogany with more of a crotched grain. Horsehair plaster beats drywall any day for the walling and where metals are involved steel beats aluminum... with a genuine mahogany subfloor who the hell needs flooring but if I wanted to do flooring, I would throw down some 5 inch wide solid hardwoods whichever type commands the highest Janka rating and old school rosin paper for the underlayment. Windows the wooden casement crank operators over the "sliders" and glass always double-paned.... first thing you see when you walk through the front door into the 1600 square-ft main room is a huge picture window with a direct line of sight to the pool in the back acreage, sliding glass door out into the patio to the right of that picture window, then another equally sized huge picture window to the right of that sliding glass door. Above the two picture windows and sliding glass door I would throw in a row of custom cut double-paned trapezoid style windows... Cathedral Style ceiling (about 30 feet high at its peak) so the trapezoids vary in size from very big at the highest point of the ceiling to very small at the lowest point...
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