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[Type 1] Stackemup Enneagram Description for Enneatype I


Jun 15, 2011
Type One

Ones resist reality by taking strong moral stances. They see reality as messy and corrupt so they invest all their energy in the ideal. They are idealists who strive to be consistent with their principles and to do the right thing. They seek to transcend their humanly concerns, interests and emotions by realizing a higher purpose in life through hard work, integrity, and achievement. They are doers with a sense of mission and single-mindedness that leaves little room for play. When they fall short of the ideal, they criticize themselves.

Ones are sincere people. They say what they mean and mean what they say. The same standards that ones may try to impose on others they also impose on themselves and they also feel resentment towards others for not holding themselves to a higher ideal. They expect every person, including themselves, to abide by the rules, so long as the rules are just, and to take responsibility for their choices. Ones assume that reason, order and justice exist in the world, so that, inevitably, what is right will always prevail and what is wrong will always be punished. They can give others a difficult time about not covering their own bases and will point out others’ shortcomings when they feel that this unspoken agreement is violated. The majority of lectures or advice that Ones give to others will all revolve around this implicit expectation of rationality, choices, and responsibility.

Ones are very focused on order. Order stimulates their sense that things are moving closer to the way that things should be. Order is something that Ones believe others, along with themselves, ought to subordinate themselves to, as well. When others don’t, that only fuels the One’s sense of anger. The way it should be in the One’s mind of course is not always the reality but they have a strong sense of how things ought to be in contrast to how things are and direct their attention to areas where people or things have fallen short of how things should be. The one’s cognitive style habitually makes judgments by comparison between how reality falls short of an ideal conception of reality.

Ones are perfectionists in the most global sense of the word. They want perfection in all areas of their life and can be demanding taskmasters in the pursuit of such, as they perceive all the many 'wrecks.' They have high standards for both themselves and others and let themselves down when they feel partially responsible for something that falls short of their own standards.

Ones are very literal-minded. They often reject intuition and unconscious associations as nonsense and believe that making decisions on faith or hunch is absolutely the wrong way to go about doing it. The right way, for a One, is to gather facts and accumulate data prior to making a decision, believing that the more data you have on hand to make a decision, the more perfect that decision will be, sometimes arriving them at conclusions that seem to narrow and wooden in scope or pushing them into ‘data paralysis’.

Ones are doers. They place their self-esteem and sense of worth on action. They are motivated by guilt to actively do things, but, more importantly, to do those things right. ‘Perfect action’ is the basis of their self-esteem. But by trying to do everything perfect they inevitably fall short of their ideal and do things imperfect. That result only causes them more guilt. Needless to say, they are often strong-willed and one of the types that gets a lot of things done. The willfulness is essentially a form of ‘abstinence’ from their instinctual drives in the name of a more rational and structured approach towards action. Such “abstinence” manifests as both a physical and psychological discipline in their approach towards life that can produce a more rigid and colorless gestalt.

When they do fall short, Ones will not only berate themselves for it but also they expect criticism from others about their imperfections. As Ones often sense that others are judging them for their own imperfections, they direct their own judgment inward at themselves to preempt a sense of condemnation by others. Thus, ones form a pattern of having to detach from their anger in order to justify, to themselves, on rational grounds, their actions, in the anticipation that others may judge and condemn them for it.

The passion of Ones is wrath. Wrath has to do with the world falling short of the one's ideal and letting the self or world know about it in a choleric and critical fashion. When Ones are governed by this passion, everything in the world, no matter how small, falls short of the ideal, thus becoming an object of the Ones’ resentment and in need of correction, sometimes punishment. They are obsessed with righting wrongs. What’s often missed about wrath is that the anger can be directed not just at other people’s actions, but also at other people’s thinking and use of reason. However the wrath manifests, its nature is corrective. This anger can also be intensely directed at groups. Even though One’s have been trying to stay detached and rise above the ‘ugliness’ with civility, there is a cruel and violent urge that has been festering underneath, that the one has felt a need to control and keep buried, sublimating into their various activities, directing inwardly at themselves, while imploding privately. This urge can come to the surface as an intense and self-righteous anger to purge the environment of its corruptive elements.

In its purest form, wrath is an anger towards all the imperfections of the world that they would love to destroy. When a One is in the grip of wrath, they have decided to direct all their inner criticism outwards at something or someone or some group in the environment to dominate, blame and punish for the world’s imperfect state. They turn into extreme misanthropes, wrapped in sadistic urges. If the one has power and charisma, they may seek to use their charisma to purge anything that doesn’t align with what they believe is an accurate representation of perfection.

But this only replaces one imperfection with another imperfection. No matter how much Ones’ destroy they will never bring about their ideal state or, in the extreme case of low health, an ideal race of people, as it is only a matter of time before the imperfections become apparent. And this in turn causes the One to sink into a more severe and dramatic depression, possibly even into suicide.

Healthy Ones are wise and discerning, though. They loosen up and get more comfortable with imperfection. They can enjoy what they do and not impose such high standards on themselves or others. They derive a sense of worth independently of what they do and realize they are virtuous or right in their imperfections, just as they are. They also learn to forgive others for their imperfections and, in doing so, they let go of their anger.

1w9s are independent thinkers. They are not influenced by preexisting dogmas or what others have to say and can even be heretics in the realm of thought or action. They have a tendency to preach and teach in colder fashion. They will not and do not want to subordinate themselves to anything on earth and they tend to think on a larger scale in the form of universal truths. They want to acquire a higher virtue in their life that they believe can only be achieved through a purer form of reasoning.

1w9s are cold fish. They like to feel out of reach from the imperfections of the world. Regal, in a sense. They want their actions to flow in harmony with their conclusions. It’s as if they were trying to cocoon their lives inside of a higher form that will eventually transform them into an ideal. They take unflinchingly cold, categorical positions with family members and are often frugal.

1w9s are human pressure-cookers. They most prefer to do tasks alone so they won't have to deal with imperfections from others often demanding more of themselves to pick up the slack. Much closer in fit to a classic type A personality and more prone to be exemplary in areas where they apply themselves. They are stoic about success and treat relationships as getting in the way of principle.

1w2s are practical. They have more common sense. They are direct and honest when it comes to getting things done.

1w2s are volunteeristic. They often feel like they don’t have any inherent freedom and are trapped by emotional obligations, rules and expectations that plays into this stronger streak of volunteerism.

1w2s are family oriented. They are quicker to sacrifice their own personal ambitions to take care of family out of their strong sense of obligation and have more difficulty holding hard lines with people.

1w2s are empathetic. They ground their idealism in empathetic connections. They will try and relate with people but are more demanding of them, tailoring their lectures more to other people’s positive/negative self-images, rather than trying to keep everything in the realm of logic. They aren’t as heady or philosophical about what they do. They are less constricted by reason and more intuitive and expressive, but still tend towards being colorless.


Ones are more focused on principle. Twos focus more on people.

Threes stand by their goals through thick and thin. Ones stand by their convictions through thick and thin.

Fours focus more on their own emotions. Ones focus more on their convictions.

Fives are dispassionate. Ones are passionate.

One vigilantism is driven by a contempt for human corruption, that which falls short of the ideal. Six vigilantism is a defensive response to mistreatment and/or the anticipation of being mistreated in the future.

Sevens find beauty in chaos. Ones find beauty in order.

Ones are often domineering. For that reason they may be confused with eights. But for ones, dominance is a means of "righting" perceived wrongs. For eights, dominance is an end in itself, not a means to some other goal. Contrast Adolph Hitler who was a 1 with Joe Stalin who was an 8. Many Ones are dictators. Being a dictator or even a mass-murdering dictator does not make the person an 8.

Nines are more relaxed than Ones and don’t assert their opinions as easily as Ones do. Nines also tend to see more points of view than Ones do.


Jun 20, 2018
Instinctual Variant
1s look uncommon on this site.