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SP 5 stereotypes?


Jan 2, 2013
Instinctual Variant
The most popular descriptions tend to focus on behaviors like hoarding (of time, resources, money, and knowledge) and extreme independence and I’m curious as to whether self-identified SP 5s see themselves this way. The people in my life who are into the enneagram see me as a 5, and while I relate to the self-ores instinct and 5 individually, I don’t really see myself some of the supposed vices of the subtype.

I strongly value cooperation and generosity—to me, giving and accepting assistance = conservation / efficient use of energy and an emotionally undemanding way to build connections. (Building rapport through conversation is harder than lending something to a neighbor or helping an acquaintance with a project.) I went to an enneagram conference where the speaker said that a 5 would be the kind of person to remove their car seats so they’d have an excuse not to give anyone a ride. I’m not saying I’m an incredibly generous person—emotional stinginess has definitely been a lifelong issue, and I can be very lazy—but that’s not something I’d ever do. I only know one person who is for sure this subtype and while I know them to be extremely frugal with strong personal boundaries, I’ve often received gifts, advice, and quiet support from them. But then, maybe it’s their maturity—I didn’t know them when they were young and less at peace with themself.

I feel like this points to me being a 4 with strong connections to 2 and 1, but I would like to know how 5s (especially self-pres ones) view themselves in terms of these motivations and behaviors.