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Shoyo Hinata (ENFP) - The Short Volleyball King & Crow Who can Fly & Sees Ne Possibilities Everywhere - Haikyuu!! MBTI Typing


Feb 21, 2013
Watched a lot of Haikyuu, here’s why Shoyo Hinata is for sure ENFP and not ESFP, let’s get started.

Shoyo Hinata saw the possibility to improve his quick attack before anyone else with his Ne. He’s future oriented and saw the possibility to improve his quick attack and saw possibilities to do it in new ways even if he didn’t know exactly how before anyone else, mainly the coach and Kageyama. Which they had to learn and be corrected by from the older man coach and who taught Hinata all about tempo and showing him he was right and how Hinata was visionary with his Ne for both him and the team. Ne is definitely pretty clear in Hinata as a ENFP and this is the perfect example. Hinata is also innocent, naive, oblivious, airheaded, very curious person with his Ne and childlike with his personality, like often how ENFPs are. He’s not ESFP at all like Nishinoya is a real ESFP in comparison to a ENFP like Shoyo Hinata is in comparison.

Hinata sees possibilities everywhere with his Ne on the court and in games as a volleyball player, and he’s idealistic as a NF, usually never gives up and also reflects on past experiences and compares and contrasts past details like a Si user and not a Ni user way if that part makes sense. Hinata holds onto past details and experiences comparing and contrasting them in a Si way and remembers past details vividly very well when the time is right, often educating Kageyama on a memory or point for the situation based on a past experience and learns and grows from it, alongside teaching and inspiring Kageyama or another person with Hinata’s insight and memory of a Si details from the past he has. Hinata innocently remembers and holds onto past experiences and details like a how a innocent childlike Si inferior ENFP would even though Si past details aren’t usually his strong suit since he’s a airheade and doesn't pay attention to details often much unless his Ne is perceptive to something or Si inferior picks up and compares a past detail to present and something feels familiar to Hinata based on his inferior Si in him as a ENFP.

Hinata is ENFP and Ne dom. He's curious, perceptive, sees possibilities everywhere, never gives up, imaginative, childlike, innocent, honest and more. He's curious about everything with his Ne and is always asking questions and curious about people and things at all times.

Hinata is described as being very innocent and honest with everything he does. Almost to a laughably degree to the other people watching him around him. He's extremely trusting as most ENFPs are and honest to a fault and humor at times. He trusted Kageyama & hit the ball eyes closed.

His innocence, straight forward honest and too trusting childlike nature is very ENFP. Its kinda obvious at this point watching him only for so long 9 episodes in. He's very curious with his Ne and loves asking questions about people and learning more information about them.

He also is very idealistic as a NF and never gives up and always believes in himself and others. He's known for seeing the potential in other people with his Ne and is always the one lifting people up with a speech or unique phrase he says. He inspires people as a ENFP too often.

Shoyo Hinata always sees possibilities and patterns in both the games he's in, never gives up usually & he always sees infinite possibilities in other people too & wants them to bring out their inner potential with his Ne intuition he sees in them. Potential in like Kageyama & Asahi.

Shoyo Hinata is a obvious ENFP in my opinion, he acts just like one in everyway and uses Ne all the time too and Si. Explaining his Fi and Te seems redundant since you can see him follow his inner values and care for efficiency easily, past detail experiences etc. Hinata is a classic ENFP.

Hinata comes up with new ideas all the time and loves new ideas with his Ne and likes to brainstorm new ideas and concepts that are interesting in his mind. He once imagined many possibilities even with his Ne when he was asked to think of something that scares him to help him feel better and his Ne brainstormed many ideas and imagined different things and Kageyama that scared him vividly, along with his Si here as well too. Ne in Hinata is obvious, he uses it all the time.

It becomes even more obvious when you put Hinata and Nishinoya side by side. Nishinoya as a ESFP is more rougher, lives in the moment more, cares for Se details and boyish, more over the softer innocent Hinata NF. Hinata is ENFP and Nishinoya is ESFP, to compare. Pretty cool stuff.

I can see the confusion though, stuff like I love the sensation of the game etc, ENFPs and intuitives can love that stuff too.
Some more Shoyou Hinata is ENFP points are. He uses so much Ne curiosity and with his questions about the new guy who's quiet when they meet. His childlike curiosity on everything and amazement of the world around him in a innocent childlike way and with people is very Ne and ENFP.

The last thing to mention is Hinata and Kageyama have an excellent ENFP INTJ dynamic and relationship in the series, some of the best in anime and manga history. Love their dynamic and growth together as most do.

People told me a long time ago that Hinata was ENFP and not ESFP like he often was getting mistyped as accidentally. But I didn’t know for sure myself even if I felt they were onto something there, I still had to see for myself to make sure. But yes now that I’ve actually watched the show myself, 2 seasons in. Hinata is an obvious ENFP, I knew it from the start and as I watched more episodes of him I knew more and more he was an obvious ENFP in my opinion. And all my analysis and points above why are reasons I type him as such and a clear Ne and Si user and Fi and Te is obvious in Hinata as well as most people know. Hinata is for sure ENFP not ESFP at all in my opinion for sure, with the evidence and explanation explained above. Thanks for reading.

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Oct 26, 2021
I have read a lot of your other ENFP character typings and for this one, I absolutely agree. I always feel that even though he looked like a Si that was inspired to go into volleyball, but his other traits really shined the more we get to see him play and evolve as a player. Kudos to you for this wonderful post (y)