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SEI vs EII dilemna

Saturnal Snowqueen

LL"s Atom Bomb Baby
Jan 9, 2019
Instinctual Variant
I am stuck between SEI and EII in socionics. Been typed as both and have been told I have both lots of Si and Ne. So here we go with some random questionnaires.

1. During your youth (7'ish to 18), What did you focus on the most? What activities did you like and why? What aspect of life was lax in attention?

I was an artsy kid. First it was fabric markers and cheap craft kits from Walmart, then it was drawing, then it was cake decorating. I just enjoyed being creative and standing out. I dressed kind of like Punky Brewster :newwink:. I was gifted, though I turned burnout, and was the librarians' pet for a bit. I was a gamer and I remember my first dream job was being a writer. I wrote fantasy and slice of life stories. I wanted to be internet famous with making memes and YouTube videos. I was a curious child who liked reading about cats and countries. An area lacking in attention was organization. Messy room, messy locker, messy backpack, poor time management. On my 3rd grade report card, the teacher said I was too shy.

2. You're in you senior year of high school (or whatever equivalent) and you are looking back over the last couple of years. What was your favorite aspect of the schooling experience and why? Favorite subject and why?

For subjects, I liked anything cultural. Languages, history, social studies. I've always wanted to travel and I just find other cultures fascinating. History is fascinating because I I just like seeing what things were like back then in comparison to now-what technology was like, what people wore, how people acted in general. These were also my best subjects in school. I still like reading about them now, and historical fiction is one of my favorite genres. And since I'm interested in traveling, my favorite parts of schooling were anything that had to do with that. From my 8th grade trip to Boston, to my Latin Club camping trip, to when we went up to a town with less than 70 people and went rafting and ate BBQ.

3. A couple of friends call and invite you out to a restaurant. While there, you all are pleasantly conversing and one of your friends makes a comment that irked you. What are you're thoughts and how do you respond?

What kind of comment? Anyway, I don't see the point of arguing and ruining a pleasant dinner over some silly comment. If it's that irksome, I would wait until later and in private to talk it over. But most likely, I'll let it pass.

4. Your schooling is done and it's time to strike out into the world!! What sort of career do you want to go into and why?

Perhaps a chef, it combines things I like. Art, science, and even travel with foreign food. I took some cooking classes in college and they were fun. I liked experimenting, it was satisfying, and I of course liked eating the product.

5. A friend is getting married and they put you in charge of the cake. You narrowed it down to two places to make an order. The first is a bakery with whom you got a good relationship with. The other is a well-known cake maker to whom everyone goes to (your friend hints to it as well). Which one do you choose and why?

The latter. If that's what they want, then that's what they get. Plus, I'd just be curious to check out the bakery everyone is raving about.

6. You get into an argument with a friend/family member/co-worker. They criticize one of your personality traits. What would most likely be the focus of their critique?

Just one? To sum it up, being a scatterbrain. I'm forgetful(although long-term memory is good), disorganized, clumsy, and distracted easily. I am a multitasker, although that's not necessarily a bad thing.

7. It's New Years! You and your friends are out and about after a party. Being drunk, one of your friends suggests to do something....'questionable' (Nothing serious. I.e, drugs, escort, etc.). What are your thoughts and how do you respond?

Me, at a party? My friend is drunk so I'm not so sure of their judgement. Whatever we are doing, I'd rather do it in the privacy of our homes if anything. I don't care if my friends do drugs or anything, just don't go too hog wild. Wouldn't want them to get hurt.

8. A new art gallery opens up and your friend wants to go to the grand opening. Both of you analyze all the paintings and sculptures. What about these works warrants the most attention from you? Why?

Vibes? When I go to galleries/museums, I'm usually drawn to pieces that feel peaceful or become interested when a piece looks vintage.

9. You have been saving up and decide to buy a new car. At the dealership, you peruse the lots. What are the criteria and factors that influence your choice? Which one would initially be your main focus?

I am cheap, so I'm probably going go for something used. With gadgets and such, I don't care much about brand names or model(never had an iPhone!). I just want it to do its job.

10. Yep, you now have a kid (sex of your choosing)! Years pass and they are now 15 years old. You notice their personality traits are the complete opposite of how you were when at their age. Describe how they are. Describe the possible conflicts that would arise between both of you due to differing temperaments.

Outgoing, brash, making mountains out of molehills, athletic, organized, street-smart. Star athlete with school spirit. Obnoxious people irk me, and I'd basically be all "Chill out dude."

What's your type?

That's what I'm asking :newwink: INFP 9 otherwise.

What colour do you like?

I have a few favorites, but I especially like cherry red. It's bright and passionate, and, when paired with white, it's peaceful and reminds me of winter. Snow on cranberries, cardinals, candy canes.

What is your favourite personality?

ENTP. Their Ne makes them curious and creative, and their tertiary Fe makes them caring but not too mushy.

Where can you find clams?

In my mouth, because they are delicious. Also on the shores of Maine/home and in shacks.

Are you fascinated by wooden planks?

Not really, though it can be cool checking out the swirls. Now I am thinking about pirates.

Do people make you fascinated by boats?

I like boats by myself? They make me think of history, RPGs I like, and being on the coast.

Does the number 9 resemble the number 6?

Definitely. It makes me think of the zodiac cancer symbol, plus enneagram 9 disintegrates into 6.

How are elastic bands made?

A goop made of microplastics sets, then a big blade comes down and cuts them into their final shape.

Do you step on the floor tiles only being able to step on the one's that fit into the pattern in your mind?

For giggles? Otherwise nah.

Do you take your finger and make sure it does not meet a lamp post and only go over it using your field of vision as the picture?

Whaaa? Nah. *actually puts finger in front of a lamp post*

If you put a pig in an airplane does that mean that pigs can fly?

Don't see why not. If we're flying, they're flying.

Did you ever remember the 5th of November?

I did not. November 8th was my last breakup though.

1. How do you respond to clingy people?

I would have to get away and breathe. But in a way, they are showing that they care

2. If you could change the ocean to any color, what would that color be?

A nice soothing color, like peach.

3.Would you consider living in the nude for a period of time (a month)?

Wish I had that beach bod. Have I joined some nudist colony? Might as well assimilate, though I'd rather be doing this in private and not be looking at naked people all day. Don't get too touchy :mellow:

4. When you are romantically interested in an individual, how do you generally act (shy, outgoing, annoying, etc.)?

Outgoing since all of my relationships start out as friendships. My love philosophy is to treat your partner like a best friend-more fun times together and more understanding.

5. Have you ever gone skinny dipping? If so, how was the experience?

Nah, guess I'll have to try it. Sounds relaxing.

6. If you could frame the jockstrap of any sports figure and hang it in your den, whose would you choose?

I'm not a fan of sports. The prospect of people tossing around a ball doesn't entertain me much. I've never even watched the superbowl.

7. If you had to disguise yourself physically, how would you do it?

Can I shapeshift? If so, butterfly. I'd get to fly around, plus I'd be tiny and I can hide easily. I'd like to have fancy patterns too.

8. Name a city that best represents your personality.

Seattle. Seattle is known for coffee and rain, and those represent different sides me. The rain is how I present myself-calm, quiet, gentle, mysterious. The bolder coffee represents when you get to know me-cheeky, brave yet jittery, and energetic.

1. if you could have one mythical creature as a pet, what would it be?

Good ol dragon, it would be fun to ride. Between a fire dragon and ice dragon, I lean ice. He can cool me down in the summer and in winter build ice sculptures and an igloo to hide out in.

2. What do you want to be when you grow up? (yes, written by a 26 year old )


3. If you were a fruit or vegetable, what fruit or vegetable would you be?

A coconut. I am quiet, and coconuts have a shell. Its flavor is mellow, which represents my easygoing nature. But it's also a little nutty, just like me. Coconut is an exotic fruit, and I jam to the beat of my own drum.

4. What is your favorite beverage?

Hard to choose one, but I like bubble tea. Smooth and sweet but not overly sweet. I love trying exotic foods and drink.

5. You're having a cookout... what do you make?

Buffalo wings. I love spicy food and am brave with it, but gotta make it so other people can eat it

6. What's the most recent cool thing you've learned?

Anything typology, it's neat learning more about myself and how our brains work.

7. What portrayal of the future do you like the best?

A world that has more equality and is environmentally friendly. I want to balance funky new gadgets with classic coffee dates and mall trips. Sad malls are dying..

8. You're on death row... what's your last meal?

A peppermint milkshake to drink and a very spicy seafood curry to eat. Finishing the curry would be a nice final accomplishment. Besides being a favorite food, eating seafood would just bring back good memories of eating lobster and clams in the summer.

Lord Lavender

Bluered Trickster
Oct 21, 2016
Instinctual Variant
Id say SEI based on this. Alpha feel for me overall with a heavy focus on personal comfort