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Reisalin Stout, Ryza [ENFP] - Atelier Ryza MBTI Character Types


Feb 21, 2013
Ryza MBTI ENFP - Atelier Ryza MBTI Typings

Reisalin Stout ENFP - Atelier Ryza Myers-Briggs Types

Now to share this with Typology of course.

Wanted to type Ryza from Atelier Ryza games since I got into it. I saw her mistyped as usual in my opinion and wanted to make this post and explain why she's a clear ENFP already from what I've seen of her.

Ryza is curious, future oriented, idealistic, loves new ideas, a dreamer, and very innocent and loves adventure. Her Ne curiosity drives her and makes her want to go on future new adventures all the time. Ryza's Ne loves mystery and interesting new things and she's very interested in the unknown which is a common Ne trait. She's curious about the world around her which is a Ne trait and amazed by everything she sees and hears about and gets very excited about future new adventures she wants to go on and about to do. She asks questions a lot and brainstorms a lot with her Ne, he Si reflected on the past in the room on negative things people said and her Ne brainstormed and asked the question is wanting to leave the island really that bad? And she wanted to figure out the possibilities if this question and statement was true or not with her Ne. She's very innocent and bubbly which is a common ENFP characteristic, she's creative and loves coming up with new ideas and love new ideas that are interesting and strange and cool sounding, she's a bit airheaded and scatterbrained too with her Ne. She follows her heart and values with her Fi and cares about efficiency at times a lot with her Te tertiary with wanted to stand up and do things and go on adventures because she thinks she'll never get this opportunity again and wants to do things now and get goals done with her Te in a efficient manner because she loves adventures so much as a ENFP tomboyish girl.

She's forgetful with her low Si but her Si still holds onto details and past experiences with her and what people said like I mentioned above with the scene talking to herself and thinking about what people said to her all day and wondering if really leaving the island is a bad thing like they say with her Ne wondering that in that scene there. She's adventurous and a classic idealistic ENFP dreamer and she is always thinking about the future with her Ne on future adventures to go on and wants to leave the island to see new horizons and do new possible things she's never done before and see the world and explore places shes never been in her life ever. Ne and Se users both care about adventure but usually Ne users do more so because of how Ne works and how they daydream about future new adventures to go on all the time in life and new things to learn and explore too which Ryza does all the time with her Ne and as a ENFP girl character. I hope this helped and cleared up why she's a clear ENFP character here. I'll have more posts on the characters soon coming out as I continue to watch the game, thanks for reading.

As some added points, she's happy go lucky, energetic, spontaneous, reckless, and cheerful and optimistic. And she's again curious and loves learning new things with her Ne like her curious and excited interest in alchemy as well along with adventure of course.