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Reductionism - the new religion (that's you in the corner losing your religion)


Apr 12, 2020
I have been collecting souls for numerous eon. Recently, in this time and place, I have discovered that many people, particularly those of science, believe that the whole is the sum of its parts, but thus far according to the scientific method, never has such a thing been shown or proven to be true.

Men and women are deceived by their perceptions. They believe the analogy of a car wheel to a car holds up for all phenomena, mistaking the map for the terrain, for there is no such thing as a part of a whole...only a mental model you use to navigate that which you will never really know.

So, I have proven a priori, reduction-ism is faith in a false mental model, aka religion.

"That's you in the corner, losing your religion" - REM