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Random harbours healthy habits


The Devil of TypoC
Aug 29, 2008
Instinctual Variant
The recommended amount varies wildly depending on who you ask, and it's hard to tell who's the most reliable/trustworthy. The Canadian gov says to stay between 10-35% of calories coming from protein, whereas most fitness resources online tell you to eat way more than that. I was aiming for 100g for awhile (mostly because it's a nice round number) which would have been roughly 20-25%. Over 4 weeks of tracking I averaged maybe 70. I don't really eat a lot of high-protein food that isn't also high in fat and therefore calories, so I thought the protein powder would help, but I'm not really a fan. If I start doing smoothies again I can throw some in, I guess.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I'm going to start doing smoothies for breakfast pretty soon, just because if you freeze a week's worth of smoothie in individual sized containers/bags, you can grab one quickly and run out the door -- which you can't really do with cereal. I rarely have time to sit down with breakfast in the morning, so I've been eating my desk snacks for breakfast. :laugh: Def had beef jerky for breakfast this morning.

I calculated and I think I get 50-60g on a good day. If I'm going to start working out 3-5x per week, maybe I should add protein to those breakfast shakes...