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Quotations from Jung and Jungian Authors Put into Practice - Anima/Animus, Shadow, and Self


Active member
Jan 1, 2022
I wanted to start a thread of useful quotations from Jung and Jungian authors. That is the only prerequisite. Then we can try to put them into practice in a practical manner.

I'll go first and continue to add.

On the anima and animus:

"By making the personifications of these complexes conscious, 'We convert them into bridges to the unconscious. It is because we are not using them purposefully as functions that they remain personified complexes' (Jung 1928, Par 399). To the degree that we actively try to understand them "the personified figure of anima and animus will disappear. It becomes a function of relationship between conscious and unconscious" from the Functioning Transcendent: A Study in Analytical Psychology by Ann Belford Ulanov.

There you go kidos...round one. Who or what is your anima/animus? If it comes to you as a person, then perhaps you are running away from yourself.