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[MBTI General] Pretty much what the MBTI community is like right now, this says alot.


The singularity hive
May 27, 2017
Instinctual Variant
(Thread copied from PerC: That says something. | Personality Cafe)

In no any means I'm trying to promote stereotypes, but read this one, you will find it interesting:

Gabriel Lowery's answer to Which MBTI type is the most incompatible with this world? - Quora

Just a rant here and there.

This is particular reason why I find MBTI being extremely flawed as a theory and why I sometimes think MBTI was a mistake and wish that it should have been abandoned alltogether. Particulary of the idiots who stereotype the hell out of the types in the fashion shown in the link above and distort everything.

It's good it has become more mainstream and more popular,, but I feel like MBTI turning mainstream was bad, it has turned into a platform for edgy 'tweens' and trolls to roleplay as the type they want to be to look cool, rather than being type they actualy are and be in denial about it. And apply any sort of misinformed stereotypes into other types they "Dont like" (As seen in the link), mostly being the type they actualy are, which is ironic as hell. "Oh look, I'm so cool, I am an ENTP 8w7, I'm the cool/badass charismatic main character in movies!" - said the mistyped counterphobic 6 ENFP with Ne-Te loop.

I'm complaining about that, because the definition of the types has been distorted and skewed beyond recognition. It's difficult to find anyone who can find help you to type yourself, because huge part of the community have been too much carried away with dogmatic stereotypes that nobody seem to know the correct definitions of the types and functions anymore.

The most common applied stereotype so far is; "Oh Fi's are over-sensitive, never get things done, crybaby, whiny, gets easily offended by anything" and all that shit, to continue more, this is the bullshit they keep saying when someone is attempting to type or 'Correct' your type to make you look like a fool; "If you were Ti or any other function, you wont been bothered by this issue or be offended by what I said/XYZ, which is why Fi dom is the only MBTI type that makes sense for you, there is no escape for you", this is so bothersome and I'm tired as hell of this bullshit, particulary the Fi dom labels are so annoying because "Oh, you seem over-emotional", like so what? This does not prove that I am automaticaly a Fi dom, being emotional is not limited only to IxFP's you dumbass. This is exactly what I am talking about, and I had enough of this nonsense.