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Pokemon Adventures Red [ENFP] - Pokemon Adventures MBTI


Feb 21, 2013
A Pokemon Adventures/Special manga Myers-Briggs Post

Red is an ENFP - Pokemon Adventures manga MBTI Typing

Thought you guys would like this, so I decided to post this here. Tell me what you think down below.

Pokemon Adventures Red is an ENFP. We see Red's Intuition in the 2nd chapter in the series, against the Machoke. He saw the bulb on Bulbasaur's back and then immediately after this Si observation came up with the idea to use the sunlight from the window to light it up and send a Solarbeam attack on the Machoke from Bulbasaur, Red did all this without any prior knowledge of the move Solarbeam which Professor Oak asked but Red responded he didn't know about it and just figured it out based on that observation, showing how intuitive he is and how great his on the spot idea was in that situation. So that's one perfect Ne moment for Red along with his Si with recognizing the bulb which led him to that Ne idea. Red is very idealistic and imaginative as we already established so far. He's determined to become one of the greatest trainers ever which he does and he's a big dreamer in an idealist way and Ne and Fi user style. And he's out here trying to achieve his goals and cares about efficiency when it comes to the things he cares about and likes to get to the point and take things with his confidence and determination, all Te moments in Red. He follows his values and his heart with his decision making through the whole manga and series. We sees his heart and morality various times throughout the series, especially with his emotional moment when he realized the harsh treatment of Eevee and wanted to protect him against Team Rocket's evil, Erika praised his kindness and morality and eventually they saved Eevee in the end and he become one of Red's own Pokemon.

He recognized the Kangaskhan's was distressed and was trying to protect its pouch and then he instantly got the idea of what's going on and realized she was just trying to protect her baby against Green's attacks. Red's idealism and NF traits are shown further with his friendship and trust in Pikachu, they took a similar anime approach her having Pikachu hate Red early on but Red kept giving chances, being nice, and tried to become his friend no matter what. Once Red shielded him against Brock's Gym Battle he remembered that kindness and became his friend for life. When Red tries to save Bill he misses once and hits bill and then they yell at each other for the mistake but then Red sees immediately after some dark clouds in the sky with the Fearow and Bill, his Si picks up on this of course and then Red immediately comes up with the idea to hit from above and throw Pikachu up there to send his electricity into the clouds and zap Fearow out of the sky. The Fearow gets back up and then attacks Red's Poliwhirl, Red gets an intense serious look on his face and then based on hearing Bill's statement on he's using Drill Peck in the past, Si again, Red comes up with the idea on the spot to use Double Team and fool the Fearow into thinking he hit him and then shoots him with an Ice beam from a distance, Ne moment again in Red. Red used his Ne two times in on battle in this scene. After Bill turns back they introduce themselves properly and Red proclaims to aim to become the greatest Pokemon Trainer who ever lived, again showing his Ne dreams and going for possibilities and his Fi determination of following his heart and idealism to achieve the impossible no matter how crazy the goal sounds.

Red payed attention to Mewtwo's battle pattern and listened to Blaine's advice when explaining its fighting style and patterns to him. We see Red brainstorming after hearing that information and then he immediately comes with an idea to counterattack and throws most of his Pokemon out to group attack, Si and Ne again. Once Mewtwo does the tornado attack he blows the Pokemon away and then we see Aerodactyl carrying Red and flying over and into the tornado. Red tries to fly into the center quickly and then once they push forward as far as they can, they get blown back but at the last second Red throws Pikachu and the whole time Pikachu had a Master Ball in his mouth and he then captures Mewtwo in it, Red came up with this idea right on the spot right after hearing Blaine explain Mewtwo's attacks patterns a few seconds earlier to him, this was a massive Ne and Si moment for Red. There's many more examples but those are some of the reasons and evidence I'll post on today, will add more and talk more about Red's moments and the reason Red's ENFP later on when I reread more of the series again, thanks for reading.