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Personality Database BLOCKED!

Sep 29, 2021
Instinctual Variant
I'm a child in care/ looked after child/ foster child. 15 years old. How is this even possible? I can only ever access the internet at school, nowhere else. Almost every social networking site is completely blocked. I once used Quora, until that was blocked. I once used Tumblr, until that got blocked. I once used Personality Cafe, until that got blocked too. So I began to use Personality Database to an excessive extent. To the point of being extremely familiar with many different profiles and mindlessly browsing it and getting very bored late into the afternoon before hometime, because there was little else to do. I love that website because it's all about my nerdy hyperfixation, personality types. And now it's blocked, forever!? How dare them SJ censor idiots! They think that students shouldn't be allowed to access websites or "iNtErNeT sItEs" or "cHaT rOoMs" or some other crappy outdated term, where you can communicate with others because it's "dAnGeRoUs" or "NoT aGe ApPrOpRiAtE".

I have no friends whatsoever, and whenever I go to family members' homes they just don't let me have the internet because they know my care order states I'm not allowed it. I can't go to the library, I'd get supervised wherever I go and even if I did manage to get a computer there I wouldn't be able to sign into my Google account because it asks for a phone number and I don't have a phone.

Help! What do I do?