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Ochako Uraraka (ENFP) - Bubbly, Airheaded, Zero Gravity Girl - My Hero Academia MBTI


Feb 21, 2013
Ochaco MBTI ENFP - Boku No Hero Academia MBTI

Ochaco Uraraka ENFP - My Hero Academia MBTI

Sharing this new Ochako ENFP Post here too of course, in light of the new and awesome recent chapters. Enjoy the post and tell me your thoughts if you want below, thanks for all the support as usual. Really I truly appreciate it so much.

Wanted to make another post on why Ochaco Uraraka is a ENFP girl in My Hero Academia. Here's a post on her explaining her ENFP traits and functions again in memory of the recent chapters and ones to come. I might make another one later in the future after Izuku for his added on INFJ one. Ochaco and Izuku have a great relationship and INFJ x ENFP dynamic in the series and it clearly shows in their interactions. Anyways if your interested in the post here it is down below for you to read. This post will be a mix of some of my old points I brought up in old posts I did for her and new points since my analysis has grown and explaining more of her Fi and Te and other functions too. So enjoy and hope you have a fun read.

Ochako Uraraka is innocent, bubbly and energetic and fun. She's very laid back and easygoing and has some tomboy traits and is a very positive and optimistic person. She's a very curious girl as well, with her Ne she gets curious a lot about things and likes to ask a lot of questions, similar to Nejire from the Big 3 who is also an ENFP girl as well among many in My Hero. Her Ne was curious about Iida and his family background, she was curious what kind of teachers they'd meet and what they're were gonna be like when class started and how the day would go, her childlike innocent curiosity is very known and prevalent in her and helps characterize her as a character. She sees and cares about possibilities with her Ne and is always thinking ahead about the future in a very positive way. She chose to work with Gunhead the Pro Hero because she says she wants to expand her possibilities as a hero and get stronger and not just be a support hero only and get more battle experience too and try new things, anyone that looks up the very definition of Ne Extroverted Intuition knows this is its definition and is true and Ochaco clearly as a character and person. Her Ne is obvious and she uses it all the time, her Fi comes out in her strong inner feelings inside and her always follow her inner values with everything she does.

She wanted to prove herself in the Sports Festival and felt bad that Iida went his own way and she didn't, her Si held onto the past experience and her Fi inner values were shot and hurt about it and felt she was depending on Deku too much. She also struggles to express her true inner feelings alot as we again see in this sports festival scene, people often associate this with Fi over Fe usually. Its debatable if this concept of expressing oneself is true or not of Fi vs Fe arguments but regardless if its actually true or not I felt I had to bring it up anyway. Regardless Ochaco uses Fi all the time, her inner values inside and her true feelings that she feels inside strongly like her values to be a hero to help her parents out, or her inner love for Deku but struggle of figuring out how to express or even admitting it in the first place is all good signs of Fi in her. She constantly reflects inward emotional, more than most people sometimes even compared to other Fi doms or Fi users in the show like Tamaki or Kirishima and yeah Fi in Ochako is clear. Insert any scene of Ochaco reflecting on her strong feelings and values in the series and that's a clear Fi moment for her. She's definitely a Te user because at times she cares alot about efficiency and getting things and tasks done as soon as she can and for others too. She's very peppy and cheerful and likes to say "Do you best! Lets get out there and do our best or lets do this!" I mean her entire goal is centered on her impatience to hurry up and help her parents, she can't wait or be patient and wants to achieve her goal now with her Te and be as efficient as possible and get the task done. Two major functions that like getting things done or getting impatient for different reasons are Te and Se, Te is task oriented like ESTJ characters like Iida or Se is about seeing details in the moment and being spontaneous and liking stimulation from the details they see with their senses and are fully in the moment and excitable as a result like ESTPs like Bakugo too.

Bakugo's impulsive Se impatience is clearly different from Ochako's since hers is more task oriented and focused on helping her parents out as soon as possible with her Te driving her impatient goal to get done as soon as she can and her Fi inner values driving really strong too. Si in Ochako is clear as she holds onto past experiences very greatly and past details a lot. She sticks to her helping her parents goal and really got hung up on the Nighteye incident and can't let it go inside and wants to save people now more than she thought ever like she said. Her past experiences shape her strongly like anyone but even if a Ni user like Deku cares a lot about past experiences too, Ochaco clearly comes across as a Si user more in her thinking and personality traits and how she is. Despite this, Si isn't strong in her at all as she's a bit scatter-brained and is very airheaded despite her down to earth side and practical goal she has.

As a new point, Uraraka loves to see other people smile and likes to see people happy which is a common ENFP trait. Fe is not the only function and trait that likes to support and see other people smile and feel good, people often mistake this with only Fe a lot when its not always the case. Fi users also really love people’s feelings and love to help others and see people smile and ENFPs are some of the most common types that love that the most and love spreading their optimism and love to make people happy all the time. Her backstory in 212 is of a ENFP girl wanting to see people smile and be happy and it drives her optimistic ENFP girl character forward in the story and this backstory on her ENFP natural optimism that they always have is a major aspect to her ENFP personality type and character in the story of My Hero Academia and with inspiring Deku right now out of his bad state in the manga too. ENFPs are some of the most optimistic types ever and this has always shown through with Ochako in the entire series, her bubbly ENFP optimism affects everyone in a positive light and lifts up there spirits all the time in the series. Ochako Uraraka is the heart and emotion and optimism of the series.

Ochako uses Te all the time when she can and is not focusing on her Ne and Fi functions the most in the story, she hardly ever uses Ti much at all unlike Izuku and Tsu who are Ti users themselves. Ochako cares for efficiency and getting tasks done in a effective and orderly manner when she’s not being airheaded with her Ne and scatterbrained on tasks or goals and motivations, once she’s in the spirit Ochako’s Te is always in full drive and she’s focused on a goal and cheers people on as well to get something done as efficiently as possible and move forward to get the goal done no matter what. We see this and Ochako’s Te in the cavalry battle, the licensing exam, her fight in the sports festival, the forest training arc and more. Most people see the clear Te in Ochako so I don’t have to explain this much anymore, she hardly uses Ti much at all unlike Kendo an actual ESFJ, in which we actually see Kendo using her Ti in the forest training arc unlike a Te user like Ochako in comparison as a ENFP girl for her again and so on.

Ochako comes up with new ideas constantly in the story with her dominant Ne. She used Ne in her Bakugo fight with her idea, she saw the possibility to use Shinso to stop and save Deku from Blackwhip in the Joint Training arc, she went to Gunhead’s agency for new possibilities with her dominant Ne driving her again there, and spoiler alert for recent chapters in the manga. Your warned for reading this next sentence, ok I’m about to spoil it now. Uraraka used her Ne and came up with the idea to call Endeavor to the UA building because he was an alumni at the school and her Ne immediately came up with the idea to call him here and ask him where Deku is so they could save him, this is one of her newest and biggest Ne dom moments in the series as a ENFP as well once again. Ochako uses Ne all the time in the series and is always coming up with new ideas on the spot and seeing new possibilities everywhere with her dominant Ne. There’s even more examples but these are some of Ochako’s perfect examples of Ne dom moments in her in the series as a ENFP girl.

She's still known as a airheaded girl and character and it fits her quirk and powers too with making things float. Horikoshi is a genius at making their quirk fit the character and their personality, so of course he’d make the main ENFP airheaded girl have the power of zero gravity and to make things float with her powers and a airheaded Ne dom, its perfect character design like Deku an INFJ who’s idealistic about saving everyone or Bakugo a ESTP who’s hotheaded and impulsive and has a explosive personality. Details aren't really her strong suit and she rather prefers new ideas and concepts and her curiosity driving her with her Ne and cares about new things and possibilities. She hates doing things the old way and the same way as before as she says in the manga and her Gunhead possibility scene as well, the old way, tradition, and routine isn't her interest at all so clearly even if she still uses Si its not her strong suit or preference at all as a person and she prefers new possibilities and new experiences and trying to do things from a new perspective and different angle than before, which is all typical Ne in a person.

Also recently I had a debate on Ochako's type, which also inspired this post. So for the couple of paragraphs I'm gonna to share a few paragraphs of mine that I said for the argument sharing why Ochako is a ENFP and Ne, Fi and Te user and NP Ne user girl. And not a Fe, high Si user or SJ similar to Se SFJ women like Momo a ISFJ or Kendo a ESFJ girl again in comparison to her Ochako a ENFP and Ne and Fi Te user, also I will bring up Tenya Iida and how he is a SJ and Te and Si ESTJ as well to compare and make a point for Uraraka being very different from them as a NP girl compared to them as SJs as people. Here's three of the paragraphs from that conversation that I wrote down below:

"Ochako Uraraka is a ENFP Ne and Fi Te motivator on inspiring as a ENFP for motivating people do things with her ENFP optimism and Ne, Fi and Te. But she's not a structured organizer! Like organizers that are detail oriented, and are about that and actually always consistently want to get things done like Fe and SJs are known for, like again Momo ISFJ, Iida ESTJ, and Kendo ESFJ. Ochako is a ENFP and motivator ENFP that's optimistic has her Ne, Fi and Te drive her with her ENFP optimism inspiring others to move again like the Calvary battle and so. She's not a detail oriented organizer and structured person who's good at consistently managing people and desires to do that like Fe users do and SJs love to do too, like as I keep saying over and over again, Fe users and other SJs like Momo, Iida and Kendo are known for doing as actual SJs and actual Fe SFJs for both of the girls there, Ochako is a clear NP ENFP in comparison to actual Fe SFJ women like Momo and Kendo when you put them exactly side by side and compare their actions and behaviors in the story.

Characters like Kendo an ESFJ and Momo an ISFJ especially make this quality and Si security and rule caring, tradition and organized routine values they have as SJ people all encapsulate that, over a Ne NP girl who cares for new possibilities and is reckless like Ochako is. Ochako was reckless in the licensing exam and almost made the debris fall on the hurt as a spontaneous reckless ENFP, Momo the ISFJ and Si girl stopped her and was secure and safe and told her wait we need to be careful because if we don't then this guy will be crushed by the above rubble, go back and watch the rescue in the license exam if you don't believe me. This scene alone proved the ENFP Ochako difference compared to a real SFJ and ISFJ in Momo with comparing their actions side by side. Ochako is a bubbly easygoing NP and ENFP girl who cares about and sees possibilities in the world and in every opportunity she does and experiences with her dom Ne.

Uraraka is the laid back bubbly ENFP and Fi girl who's the type to sitback and listen to Momo as the ISFJ and her giving Fe orders to her and everyone and makin sure her needs and everyone's needs and Fe morale needs are met, similar to Fe users like Midoriya, Kendo the ESFJ big sis from Class 1B in so on. Ochako is just a easygoing Fi user girl who goes with the flow and hardly ever gives orders ever, never much cares for group morale even if she wants to help others, thats not the same thing, and generally is just support and in the background as the laid back ENFP bubbly girl listening to Momo's Fe orders most the time or Iida's Te SJ Si orders etc too. Hope this point here makes sense because its huge and a very important one with how their overall behaviors are as people and how it affects the MBTI types they are. Uraraka can and probably will develop these skills overtime to work on her weaknesses but its NOT a natural thing for her as a ENFP girl and Fi user, she is a ENFP Ne, Fi and Te Motivator! But she's not a detail oriented and rule focused SJ SFJ, control focused, people management skill focused organizer like real SFJ women like Momo and Kendo both are. And that's the big major difference between them there. And of course Uraraka is a easygoing Ne dom information gatherer as Ne dom too with her Ne curiosity and laidback look on life and always seeing and gaining and wanting new possibilities in her life as a Ne dom, rewatch her Gunhead scene in the classroom to see her dom Ne moment if you don't believe me again. Ochako is a Ne curiosity possibilities information gatherer and ENFP motivator, she's not a disciplined structurer or judger or SJ and SFJ organizer like Momo, Iida and Kendo are." - End of my quote from the convo and debate I had, for three paragraphs at least.

These are some of the reasons I type Ochako Uraraka ENFP not ESFJ for that debate. Ochaco is clearly a Ne and Fi and Te user and uses Si last for her instead. A good example of a ESFJ in this series is Kendo from Class B, the Big Sis of their class. Also I type Katara ESFJ from Avatar and Sakura Haruno, Nami too as other ESFJ females as well in anime. I type Ochako, Yuffie, and Usagi Sailor Moon ENFPs, along with Nejire and Himiko Toga in my opinion. Tell me yours down below and why, agreeing or disagreeing anywhere and so on. Thanks for reading.

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