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Well-known member
Dec 21, 2013
Enneagram 5's intellectual withdrawnness coupled with a sexual instict suggests to me ISTP. If you are an enneagram 4 instead of 5, with a dominantly sexual instinct that would make you an ISFP instead.

Some earlier discussions can be found below:

1) https://www.typologycentral.com/threads/estp-5w4-sx-sp-sle-sanguine.109144/#post-3305519

2) https://www.typologycentral.com/thr...agram-test-300-questions.105860/#post-3256519 (See user Mofongo's type)

3) https://www.typologycentral.com/threads/typing-by-vocal-analysis.98967/#post-3077689 (See user Peter Deadpan, he put the remark "phallus impedicus" in his avatar, which is the name for a penis-like looking mushroom, he's not active anymore I guess)

4) https://www.typologycentral.com/threads/large-enneagram-test.7529/post-3246321 (User Tiger owl seems to be type 5 with sx demeanor, maybe he can shed more light)


New member
Aug 13, 2022
Thanks but I didn't ask anyone to type me. Maybe read my post again. Those links didn't really help.