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New to this, need help... Can you type me?


New member
Nov 6, 2013
0. Is there anything that may affect the way you answer the questions? For example, a stressful time, mental illness, medications, special life circumstances? Other useful information includes sex, age, and current state of mind.

Anxiety, which lead to depression. Recently started Zoloft. I guess you could say I've had a rough go of it. I don't really believe that would change your personality type too much though. I'm a returning student at high school, so you could say I'm currently a little frazzled and absent-minded.

1. Click on this link: Flickr: Explore! Look at the random photo for about 30 seconds. Copy and paste it here, and write about your impression of it.

Lost the image link, anyway...

I see a man staring out the window of a dim, gloomy room, causing somber shadows to be cast around the room. He appears to be contemplating, his thoughts cast into the obscure darkness. I feel like he's just committed an atrocious crime or is accepting a major fault within himself.

2. You are with a group of people in a car, heading to a different town to see your favourite band/artist/musician. Suddenly, the car breaks down for an unknown reason in the middle of nowhere. What are your initial thoughts? What are your outward reactions?

I would be a little disappointed that we got sidetracked, but I kind of like those kinds of breaks. Maybe if we were going to miss it I would stress, but the opening act isn't what I'm looking forward to (probably). I would outwardly complain once, feel bad for complaining when we should be enjoying eachother's company and trying to be encouraging the driver to call whoever they have to.

3. You somehow make it to the concert. The driver wants to go to the afterparty that was announced (and assure you they won't drink so they can drive back later). How do you feel about this party? What do you do?

That would be cool, if I was able to get intoxicated. I might like it though if I got to meet unique individuals and maybe a band member.

4. On the drive back, your friends are talking. A friend makes a claim that clashes with your current beliefs. What is your inward reaction? What do you outwardly say?

If I knew them really well, I would question them on their beliefs and listen to their thoughts respectfully, while also sharing my thoughts so they can see my point of view. If it was a stranger/acquaintance, I would keep my thoughts to myself.

5. What would you do if you actually saw/experienced something that clashes with your previous beliefs, experiences, and habits?

I would probably be disappointed in the persons involved,and saddened that it happened. Depending on how extreme, I would have to interrupt or at least mediate.

6. What are some of your most important values? How did you come about determining them? How can they change?

I believe in helping people and loving other human beings, because we are all the same species and share the same earth. Everybody deserves a second chance. I think you should give without expecting anything back, and share, just because the act of giving is a reward on your conscience and can help add to the happiness of someone. I don't know how I came about those values, I have always been an atheist with strong morals.

7. a) What about your personality most distinguishes you from everyone else? b) If you could change one thing about you personality, what would it be? Why?

A) Something that distinguishes me, hmm... I tend to over-analyze, I can be very intense one second then flighty the next, I have been told I am "unique", which to me sounds like a nice way of saying "bat-shit".
B) I would make myself less insecure. I can be talkative around people and maybe even seem confident, but I always let my self-deprecating thoughts slip through in a subtle way. People don't usually see that, though.

8. How do you treat hunches or gut feelings? In what situations are they most often triggered?

Well, I do think my anxiety makes this a hard one to answer. My gut instinct is to run away from everything, screaming. But generally I make correct assumptions about a person's character or a story's plot immediately.

9. a) What activities energize you most? b) What activities drain you most? Why?

I really like going for walks, and reading. Learning something new is also exciting; a new concept or insight into a person. Parties are fun but I am usually under the influence, socializing is fine but I usually end up taking care of the drunkest person there or smoking copious amounts of weed, getting weird and passing out. (weed= bad for anxiety/hyperactive mind)
Shopping is the worst. Babysitting and school are also exhausting things for me.

10. What do you repress about your outward behavior or internal thought process when around others? Why?

I hide a lot about myself, I'm fairly reserved and private in my own way. I always project a bubbliness into my outer personality to shield my true self from others, which is fairly melancholy. So people see me as kind, silly, a little spacey, and I've been called all sorts of stereotypes from prep to stoner to emo to hippie to burnout to party girl (high school was a weird time) to weird girl who never talks (junior high was worse). I'm a lot further out of my shell now but I still feel like the odd one out occasionally.