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Naruto Uzumaki (ENFP) - Part 2 Character Analysis, Chunin Exams Arc, Naruto MBTI


Feb 21, 2013
Naruto MBTI - Naruto Uzumaki MBTI Typing

Naruto is ENFP - Naruto Uzumaki ENFP

Here's my Part 2 Chunin Exams Naruto ENFP analysis here for Typologycentral as well.

Here's my Part 2 Naruto ENFP character analysis from me rewatching the show on Netflix the past few weeks. This is Naruto's character in the Chunin Exams and his Ne dom vs Si dom dynamic and disconnect between Neji as well in their fight as too ENFPs vs ISTJs with different ideals and beliefs on a Ne and Si level between them with Naruto and Neji similar to the friction and relationship between Goku an ENFP and Vegeta an ISTJ in my opinion and their disconnect and relationship as rivals and fighters and the Ne and Si beliefs they share and have on the world. If your interested in that ENFP vs ISTJ analysis debate and relationship between them of Goku and Vegeta and my opinion on it then I post the link down below here.

Here's my Vegeta ISTJ Si dom post and opinion and showing the Goku ENFP Ne dom relationship and rivalry between them as Vegeta an ISTJ and Si and Goku's opposite type wise and how it shows in there first fight in the Saiyan arc too with Toriyama's writing style and choice he chose in the Dragon Ball series:

Vegeta (ISTJ) - One of the Greatest ISTJs of all time, Dragon Ball Z MBTI : mbti

Here's part two of my Naruto post and ENFP analysis for him. I wrote about him earlier this month and if your interested in that post and Part 1 of my analysis of Naruto then check it out down below. Tell me your thoughts and opinion on Naruto and Naruto's ENFP typing I see him as, most people see this in him and agree on ENFP but some disagree and that's perfectly fine if you think that way. Read my analysis here and see if it changes your mind and helps you see why Naruto is one of the most stereotypical ENFPs of all time just like other big ENFP shonen main characters. I won't make this a discussion and debate on them and make this solely a post and debate and discussion on Naruto and give more reasons why I type him ENFP for sure in this post. Again here's my first Naruto analysis down below and again feel free to share your opinions down below if you agree or disagree. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

My first ENFP Naruto post, I guess you can call it Part 1:

Naruto Uzumaki MBTI [ENFP] - Based on him Characterized in the First Eps/Zabuza Arc : Naruto

My 2nd Naruto ENFP Analysis from the Chunin Exams:

Naruto came up with the idea to turn into Kiba to fool him with his Ne. And then he got punched because he remembered his smell. But Naruto thought far enough in the future and came up with another idea for the plan to turn into Akamaru in case he hit him and found out he was the fake one. This plan worked and Naruto fooled and duped Kiba twice with this double idea he came up with thanks to Naruto's Ne. He thought multiple steps ahead and thought of every possibility that could happen in this scenario in case something went wrong, very strong Ne in Naruto in this scene with fooling Kiba here with the clone and transformation jutsu with Akamaru. Naruto then proceeds to say a smart shinobi is careful on how he uses his jutsu otherwise its liable to bite him on the butt and use his Si line to copy what advice Kakashi told him in the past with being deceptive and careful as a ninja and use your jutsu wisely in battle. He came up with the idea to for Naruto Uzumaki Barrage with his Ne, using his imagination with the shadow clone jutsu to come up with a new abstract and unique technique that Kakashi mentions was inspired from watching Sasuke which is Si coming out in Naruto with getting inspiration for a Ne idea and attack based on a detail he saw from the past with his Si. Naruto Uzumaki Barrage is Ne and Si in Naruto with the way it was created and what it was inspired from and its creativity alone as well with using the shadow clone jutsu creativity in this way based on an older technique he just saw earlier from Sasuke using himself. After the match we see Naruto's Ne curiosity and asking questions again when Hinata tries to give him the healing ointment, he asks "What's this?" Kurenai says what it is. Then Naruto asks "For me? What for?" Ne curiosity and asking a lot of questions for the sake of it as usual from Ne users and ENFPs. Naruto the whole Hinata fight holds onto the ointment Hinata gives to him while fighting, showing his Si connection to it. And then his Si remembers Hinata's actions from the situation and then he grabs the blood and makes an Si conviction and promise to beat Neji and avenge her no matter what, along with his Fi values here as well.

Naruto asked Ne questions when he summoned Gamabunta, “This is a frog, isn’t it?” He asked Gamabunta himself Ne questions and was curious about asking things. “Um...Can I ask you one question?” “What business do you have with that Pervy Sage?” Naruto asks him with his Ne curiosity. Gamabunta asks similar questions on why Jiraiya would summon him here? Which makes sense since Gamabunta has tertiary Ne as an ESTJ himself and a bossy one at that which is a ESTJ stereotype as usual and their strict and rigidness which Gamabunta shows here again. Naruto make an Si promise and conviction when he hears he looks down on him cause he fell off his back and makes an Si pledge from that to not fall off Gamabunta’s back and prove to him he’s capable of using him and becoming his master.

Naruto went back to the training field out of nostalgia when he became a Genin with his Si connection to the past and past details and experiences he holds onto here. And then he meets Hinata here of course. Naruto asks Ne questions about Neji. He’s your cousin right? Is he strong? He asks do you really think that’s true? When she tells him she changed because of him and his confidence and cheering her on. After Naruto’s goofy ENFP scene as usual with the bulls chasing him, he blasts in and makes a very Naruto entrance that Shikamaru also points out and says he’s an idiot and such a drag as usual. Naruto shows his Ne airheadedness again and his head in the clouds behavior and how he’s not very observant with details in the moment when he doesn’t realize the people in the stadium staring at him from the stands, that the testing proctor points out and tells them to pay attention and look presentable for the crowds watching them. Naruto finally realizes the people around him and realizes the crowd watching him above as proof of his airheadedness and Ne again and then he looks up at them in awe and amazement. Naruto later asks another Ne question and asks the proctor “Question, question, Say, Say.” The proctor says “What is it?” Naruto responds by asking, “Umm...Sasuke still hasn’t come. What’ll happen?” A Ne question in Naruto coming out again and his Ne curiosity being shown again as usual.

We see Naruto state his Si conviction again of that he will beat Neji for Hinata based on what he did to her in the past and wanting to avenge her with his Si and Fi values too. We see the Ne vs Si conflict with Naruto and Neji in the fight. Naruto "Who are you tell someone who they can or can't be?" Naruto's Ne seeing the possibility for anyone to be anything in the future if they work hard and try to go for it alone without giving up along with his Fi inner values to and beliefs. Neji "I'll show you it is how it always with someone and who they are, and you can't change that" Si traditional beliefs in Neji. Naruto over and over again says "I told you, I just don't know when to give up. People always say this about me." Showing his NF idealism and Si conviction to keep trying and keep his promises from the past that he holds onto so well and dearly from the past. He brings up all his Si convictions and past experiences he holds onto with what Neji did to Hinata and how much it means to Naruto and how he's fighting for her and to avenge her for what Neji did to her again. Neji is amused by this and explains the history of their clan and social issues among them and the mark on his forehead. After empathizing with the speech but still disagree with his belief and his destiny beliefs and tradition from his Si. Naruto states other characters and Si users I don't give up or go back on my word, that's my Nindo and Ninja way from his Si and his Si loyalty to his promises from the past and past beliefs he's made and obtained from others and took onto in his own values and Si convictions like we again see her with Naruto fighting for Hinata so hard and taking on her will to beat Neji for her instead and in his case this all also comes from Naruto's Fi values too as well, All of this conviction and values from Naruto in this fight is one big Si and Fi combination coming out of him in this Neji fight with everything Naruto says he'll do during this fight and what believes in constantly and what he holds onto from the past that he'll willing to prove to Neji here. Naruto states his Ne beliefs for the possibility for change despite tradition and how you were born again and Neji states his Si tradition beliefs in destiny and you are who you are from birth can't ever change that.

Also as a side note Naruto came up with the idea with his Ne in this fight to hold back one of his clones and to attack Neji head on with his clones to fool him and lead him into a trap to think a clone was the real one and the real him and the plan and idea worked perfectly from Naruto here in this fight, this is a major Ne moment from Naruto I forgot to mention that happened earlier in the fight, so I said it here. Anyways to finish things off with Naruto's speech in this fight with Neji, when he charges straight on with the control of the Nine Tails chakra, Naruto states as he clashes his Kunai with Neji, Naruto says the statement "I'll change the way of the Hyuuga Clan, after I become Hokage!" Naruto's Ne seeing the possibility for change and wanting to change how things will be in the future with the Hyuuga clan and him seeing the possibility to do so with his Ne after he becomes Hokage he says here as he hits him. Ne and Si are opposite functions so this conflict and disconnect between them is obvious in this fight with Naruto's beliefs in possible future change with his Ne and Neji's old beliefs in tradition and the old way and that destiny and tradition can never change ever from birth and that there's no point in trying to change anything because things will always be this way no matter how much and old traditions will never change with Neji's beliefs in his Si here once again for the final time in this fight. And to finalize things off after Naruto and Neji clash, Naruto comes up with the idea to have a clone laying there in the whole he was in after the aftermath of the explosion and then shows he came up with the idea on the spot with his quick thinking Ne imagination on having his real body dig underground and attack Neji from below where he wasn't expecting at all with his uppercut punch attack, massive Ne moment in Naruto here. He came up with this amazing idea with his Ne on the spot while all that chaos was happening and while he was giving that huge speech as well, truly spectacular thinking from Naruto in this scene, I hope I hit home and made people realize how important this scene is and how its such a huge Ne moment for Naruto here.

The proctor watching even realizes this and states it in his mind that even in all the chaos and crazy stuff that was happening he never stopped thinking of his next move in the future and kept thinking of a plan and the next step to think ahead during the situation, this is all Ne here with Naruto thinking of the next possibility in the future and coming up with new ideas on the spot at any time he needs it and thinking further ahead during tough situations on top of one another just in case the previous plan or idea. Naruto always has a backup plan or idea he comes up with on the fly and he did this same thing when he fought Zabuza with his teammates when Naruto came up with his multiple ideas and plans on top of plans in case a bad possible scenario would possibly happen in the future, he was ready for everything and came up with this brilliant idea at the last second with his Ne and won the match splendidly because of it. A fitting end to an amazing match and clash of Ne vs Si ideals and beliefs. Naruto ends it off by telling Neji he failed the graduation exam every time because he failed to use the Shadow Clone Jutsu every single time he tried, it wasn't his specialty at all he says. Naruto says "So don't come whining to me about this destiny stuff, and stop trying to tell me you can't change who you are" He ends the match with this amazing Ne line of seeing the possibility for change in the future and with Neji on the floor and ground realizing this with his Si and realizing people aren't stuck with who they are from birth and can change after all like Naruto believes with his Ne and Fi here. That ends the match and he impresses everyone in the crowd with his performance and hard work in the fight with him beating Neji, a guy who was scene as a prodigy and a genius who was seen as unbeatable by people before.

I decided to stop here as a big grand finale. I'm going to add in the analysis and do the Leaf Village attack and forward arcs later in a Part 3 post for Naruto. Look forward to that in the future, share your opinions as usual and thanks so much for the support.

Here's my original Naruto ENFP Part 2 Chunin Exams post on reddit if your interested:

Naruto (ENFP) - Part 2 Character Analysis from the Chunin Exams Arc, Naruto MBTI : mbti