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Most feely thinker and most thinking feeler


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Mar 26, 2017
I haven't changed my mind about what I said about ENTP being the most feelery thinker and INFJ the most thinkery feeler.

I am a little bit lazy to find it and quote now, but last year I had made a statistical search on that using as reference tests results from Dario Nardi, Sakinorva and dichotomy... maybe the forum test too, I don't remember.
I haven't forgot the conclusion: INFJ/ENFP as the most "thinkery" feeler depending on the test and definitions, while ENTP was the most "feelery" thinker. Ne doms in general seems to have a quite Gaussian distribution on T/F, most of them, at least on stats, are not strong on either. Curiously, INTJ was the most thinker of all besides internet thinking otherwise. I don't remember the most F of all.


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Sep 20, 2017
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I haven't changed my mind about what I said about ENTP being the most feelery thinker and INFJ the most thinkery feeler. Just a random observation-I've noticed with ISFJ females, they don't really present as thinkery to me. Even with developed Ti, the Ti-ness seems to present in a more bookwormish side, and works together with Ne to create a nerdy, whimsical side. They are still obviously feelers to me though, nerdiness doesn't change that. I'm thinking of characters like Sailor Mercury and Sheska from FMA, and there was a girl from high school like that-quiet, gentle, had her nose stuck in the book, wore long skirts, was inquisitive about nature and homey things. We weren't close, but she was one of my favorite examples of an ISFJ that I've actually met in real life. ISFJ men though, they are quite thinkery to me. It's not hard and fast, but a lot of ISFJ men are just heavy on the Ti-Si and not so much Ne and Fe, and you wonder if they're INTP until you realized they don't have much Ne at all. Too grounded, too no-nonsense. too comfort seeking. Also, it's interesting everyone's said ENTP for most feely thinker but not ENFP for most thinkery feeler. But it does make sense, Te seems to amplify Fi a lot. I noticed ENFPs tend to push their Fi onto others more, while Fi doms they can do that too but they're more likely to just care about how their values pertain to their perception of the world.

I was going to say ISFJ as well for the most thinky feeler, for similar reasons as you. ISFJ men often seem more like INTPs to me, as compared to INFJ men. Though I do agree that INFJ in general is an accurate answer.

I would have said ESTP as the most feely thinker, I've personally seen more of what I believe to be Se-Fe looping than Ne-Fe looping.

Of course, take everything I say with a grain of salt and I have no actual evidence to back up any of this, sadly.