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Monkey D. Luffy (ENFP) - The Innocent and Curious Adventurer & Embodiment of Dreams


Feb 21, 2013
Monkey D. Luffy (ENFP) - The Innocent and Curious Adventurer & Embodiment of Dreams

Monkey D. Luffy MBTI ENFP - One Piece Myers-Briggs Types

Luffy MBTI ENFP - One Piece MBTI

Luffy ENFP - One Piece MBTI Types

Man, Monkey D. Luffy. Where do I ever begin with this one. This post is long overdue. And I mean long overdue my dudes. In case anyone didn't know, Luffy is my favorite anime character of all time. I've always loved him and his character through the years and he was really the big driving force of my love for One Piece. I always identified with him and his NF ideals love for dreams of adventure even though his personality is completely different from since he's ENFP and I'm INFJ. Of course everyone has their opinion and people the MBTI community debate types which is fine and normal for the community. Even if you disagree that's fine but hopefully this post will convince you for those people why I type and feel Luffy is one of the most ENFP characters of all time and one of the most amazing characters ever as well not only for anime but all of fiction as well. I'm rather surprised it took me this long to do this, I wrote an early post on Personalitycafe about him which is cool I guess, I liked it and I think it's good and still stands today but it's very old and I did it in high school and learned a lot from them. I think it's still accurate and on point in general but the post is so basic and primitive compared to my knowledge today, that an updated post on Luffy in the modern day is long overdue I feel. So yeah, it's time. It's time to do Luffy and do him justice, there might be some bias in this somewhat I'll admit. But I'll try to be as objective as possible too and really hit home the character and what he's done and really explain in depth why Luffy is without a doubt ENFP and one of the best ENFPs of all time that we've ever gotten in anime and in fiction as a whole. So feel free to sit back and relax and enjoy the post because it's going to be a long one.

Luffy, the man who's gonna be King of the Pirates. Or the next Pirate King depending on what translation you're fine with. The man who represents dreams and adventure himself. Luffy is curious about the world around him, imaginative, a huge dreamer, an idealist, very creative, and loves adventure and exploration for new islands and places at every corner. We meet Luffy in a barrel in the anime and manga which is hilarious in of itself and typical Luffy behavior. He meets Coby and states to us his dreams and desire to follow his dream and not be afraid to take risks in life, he tells us if he dies then he dies and that's it. He'll die trying for his dream because he thinks it's possible to do so and is willing to go for it no matter the risk for the cost of his life. Becoming Pirate King in the future is everything to Luffy and he'll do anything to achieve that dream. We see him gather the crew he dreamed of having slowly over time and gather a ship too, in such a short amount of time. People talk about the pacing of East Blue but someone said online on how East Blue is one of the fastest paced sagas in the series and I can totally see why, Luffy does so much in such a short amount of time in the East Blue saga, that's its not even funny amazing job. Now that I'm done highlighting these accomplishments, moving onto the next point Luffy gets a decent crew in the beginning and gets his adventure underway. We see him take his Rubberman Devil Fruit and take this basic and rudimentary power to new heights and levels in the series. Luffy is incredibly creative and has a big imagination. That shouldn't be a secret to anyone, he comes up with new attacks on the spot all the time with his Ne, all the time constantly throughout the series. Gum Gum Giant Scythe, Gum Gum Hammer, Gum Gum Fingernet, Gum Gum Giant Gavel, Gum Gum Pinwheel after seeing Genzo's Pinwheel hat, and so on. He does this the whole series with his Ne and Si too even like with Gum Gum Pinwheel I mentioned all the time, I'll mention more of his attacks throughout the post to balance things out.

Luffy is curious about everything around him which is all typical Ne, he loves cool objects and looking at mysterious new things and lets his curiosity run wild with the outer world around him and the things that he's interested in. Some people get confused on this with Se but people often forget Ne also cares about the outer world. Ne and Se both love and care about the outer world, Se is just focused on what is and reacting to details in the world and gets excited by its sense being stimulated in the moment and Ne is curious about things in the outer world and interested in new ideas and the new and interesting and is driven by imagination and what could be in its environment. Luffy is interested and has a childlike wonder for everything around him and loves to give into his curiosity of things and loves analyzing about new things and speculating about far off lands and islands they've never explored before. Luffy's Ne curiosity for discovery, exploration, and adventure drives the story of One Piece. We couldn't have the story without him. Luffy reads things beneath the surface and looks past things with wondering people's intentions, he also is too trusting as a NFP and NF idealist which provides an interesting contrast in his character.

Luffy is too trusting as an NF and NFP with trusting others and their words and intentions but also intuitively understands situations and reads between the lines and looks beneath the surface with things and people like with understanding the situation of Alabasta with Toto and Vivi scenes in the arc or knowing Nami was lying in the Arlong Arc, or him seeing the meaning in Hiruluk's flag with his Ne in the Drum Island arc even though he didn't know who it belong to or who he is. Luffy yelled at Vivi as we saw and he saw beneath the surface and the big picture with his Ne that Crocodile is the real important one here and going after the rebel army is a waste of time and useless for them to be pursuing. Luffy said even I can understand after seeing with his Si past experiences and careful Si observation of details of experiences in the past and now that his Si picked up on with Toto and traveling with Vivi and the crew all this time in Alabasta. His Ne understood what was going on in Alabasta without any explanation and he saw the hidden meaning of what was going on with his Ne and saw patterns and made connections on who needs to really be defeated here and what Vivi was really feeling inside and ignoring this whole time and not admitting to them that they're friends and should be risking their lives together for this not her shouldering it all alone, Luffy saw all this beneath the surface with his Ne and saw the hidden meaning with all of this with his Ne again here all in this Luffy vs Vivi scene. Go watch it all again if you don't remember how it went down.

Luffy's Ne saw patterns and connections with the CP9 and their techniques in the Water 7 arc. He learned Gear 2nd from the past experience with his Si and saw the patterns of Soru and their techniques from watching Lucci move carefully and intuitively learned what was going on and carefully observed him and every detail with Luffy's Si as well. After this past experience with his Si, Luffy then got the Ne ideas based on their past attacks that his Si remembered and came up with the Ne idea for Gear 2nd, an original technique he created with his Ne because his Ne saw the possibility to do so and create the move all based on the past experiences and their techniques that saw and observed from the past, clear Si and Ne in Luffy here with taking inspiration off past attacks and things he saw with his Si to come up with a new idea for an attack an attack, Gear 2nd. Luffy did the same thing using Si experience and careful observation and remembered the Pinwheel hat he saw with Genzo when he saw it in Arlong Park arc, his Ne was curious on what he saw in the outer world as both Ne and Se both care about things in the outer word as extroverted perceiving functions, Luffy's Ne was curious about Genzo's Pinwheel hat and he asked the curiosity Ne question "Why do that old man have a Pinwheel on his hat?" His Ne brainstormed the possibilities about it and why it was there on his hat then he said "So cool!" in amazement. Luffy continues to brainstorm about the Pinwheel hat with his Ne while sitting down and brainstorms all the possibilities why the Pinwheel was on his hat, he continues to think of the past experience with his Si, and then he brainstorms the possibilities of a new move with his Ne based on what he saw back then with his Si, then a few seconds later he says "Hey, I just thought of a new move!"

His Ne got an idea for a new attack based on what he saw prior in the past of the Pinwheel hat earlier with his Si memory of seeing it earlier before, his imagination and Ne help give him the idea for Gum Gum Pinwheel that was entirely based on Genzo's Pinwheel attack earlier again that he saw in the past with Luffy's Si remembering it when Genzo walked by and him seeing the pinwheel on his hat that gave his Ne inspiration for the new move and Ne idea Gum Gum Pinwheel attack that he used against Moomoo in Arlong Park, Ne and Si in Luffy clearly here just like with Gear 2nd and how he learned that attack and new idea all from watching and see the CP9s attacks and techniques from the past as well with his Si like I mentioned earlier above again, both clear Ne and Si moments in Luffy here with him seeing possibilities for new attacks and getting inspiration from them from past Si experiences he had before of things he saw in the past with is Si to give him the Ne ideas for these new moves, attacks, and new techniques with Luffy's Ne. Luffy either does this process of inspiration of the past details and things he sees with his Si for new Ne attacks like I just mentioned or he just comes up with new Ne attacks on the spot like Gum Gum Fingernet against Arlong cause he's a fish Luffy thought on the spot in that situation with his Ne for the new attack fitting Arlong as a Fishman, Gum Gum Storm, Gum Gum Cannon, Gum Gum Snakeshot, Gum Gum Flail, Gum Gum Jet Shell, Gum Gum Mallet on the spot with his Ne on Little Garden and so on you get the picture.

This is how Luffy uses his Ne and imagination to come up with new attacks on the spot or use his Si to take inspiration from something he's seen from the past for a new Ne idea for a new attack as well in the series of One Piece. Luffy saw the pattern and connection of the CP9s techniques and figured out their moves and how they worked without explanation with his intuition and Ne. Luffy explains all this when he talked to Blueno on Enies Lobby, his Si carefully observed their moves and remembered them and saw them kicking the ground 5 times a second and his Ne saw the pattern and made the connection on how their moves worked and realized this is most likely what they where doing to do these attacks and move that fast, he intuitively understood the situation and learned their moves without any explanation and looked beneath the surface here and saw the hidden meaning of their techniques without any explanation from them or anyone of them telling him and confirming how their moves worked for sure, he said he never knew moves like that existed and is glad he know techniques like this exist now and he got the hang of it with his intuition even though no one explained to him how the CP9 six powers techniques worked at all. He just figured it out on his own with his intuition and NE and his Ne and Si took inspiration from what he saw and he got the Ne idea for gear 2nd again and saw the possibilities for learning a new move based on their techniques he saw here as CP9 members, massive Ne and Si moments in Luffy here and intuition in Luffy massively coming out in this scene and these arcs as well.

Let's talk about Luffy as a captain for a second here. Luffy is very laid back and happy go lucky person, we all know this, he's based on Son Goku the OG ENFP in Shonen Jump. Luffy is very laid back and easygoing with his crew, just like Shanks an INFJ as a good comparison here. But even though they're both NFs and are those types I feel like they’re still totally different captains as a whole, or maybe not totally different but still unique as captains I'll say. Luffy is a laid back captain that treat his crew as family and friends, he doesn't domineer over them or boss them around like a commander or boss and demand respect and doesn't force his authority over them at all, Luffy is a pretty free spirited character and is very laid back and easygoing and nice to his crew. This relationship and easygoing nature is so strong on the crew that he even lets them push and punch him around as they call him an idiot all the time and punch him and lets them beat him up when he does something stupid or dumb and naive as usual that we see from Luffy all the time.

This trait in Luffy is very unique and great actually as it shows he's not full of himself or strict and commanding on his crew, he only gets commanding when he's serious and wants to go to a new mysterious island he's curious about going to with his Ne. Luffy does get ragged on and criticized once by having this trait in him as we know of course by Zoro in Water 7. Zoro says he's ok with Luffy's happy go lucky personality and laid back easy going side to him, he even probably respects him and Luffy as a person and captain for it and not being a typical bossy and commanding asswhole Pirate Captain as usual that we always see. But Zoro was mad and pointed out how Luffy needs to command respect at least sometimes because at the end of the day he's the captain of this ship and what he says goes, if can't do that and command respect than how can we look up to him and take him seriously? And even this journey seriously? So Zoro lays down the groundwork for that and has him make Usopp apologize which he does and all is good from there. But despite this flaw and setback, Luffy's easygoing traits is great and relatable, he's not pompous or an asswhole and lets his crew be who they are and sees possibilities for his crew and imagines them being something great in the future and sees their futures being limitless and them realizing their dreams in the future. Luffy's Ne sees all this and the potential in his crew and possibilities for them everywhere and as a result of all this he wants to go on a great and fun adventure with them and wants them to be free and free to do whatever they want and wants no control on their lives except for staying on that ship so they can be friends and he can protect them against harm and help them achieve their dreams together and go on future new and fun adventures together. This is the kind of captain Luffy is as a laid back and easygoing ENFP and I think his personality and uniqueness as a person makes him the kind of captain he is and the way he is as a person as a whole.

Luffy follows his inner values strongly with his Fi aux and he goes after his goals and is efficient with the things he cares about with his Te tertiary. He's pretty headstrong and confident showing his Te ter and he's to the point and assertive and even has his catchphrase "I'll kick their ass" when usually quoting a bad guy he'll beat up that arc like Crocodile and state his Te confidence and goal he's working toward efficiently with his Te tertiary. But Luffy is not an organized person and is impulsive and reckless as a perceiver and ENFP with his Ne. His Ne sees a possibility to do something and goes for it without hesitation, even if that action is impulsive or reckless. People often mix this up with Se but Ne is also impulsive and reckless as a function, they both are as spontaneous perceivers but in different ways and for different reasons, Se users just act on impulse and live in the moment responding to details around them and Ne users are future oriented and see possibilities in the outer real world around them and are curious about objects they see in the real world and ask questions about objects in the physical world with their Ne curiosity and when there Ne sees a possibility to do something they want to go for it and usually do most of the time which Luffy does more often as a Ne user and dom user as an ENFP himself again here and it causes them to be impulsive and reckless just like Se users as well, this is why Ne and Se users both are reckless types and spontaneous as perceivers for the both of them. People also seem to mix up Te and Se in people and characters and it happens for Luffy here as well as both Te and Se both are straight forward to the point assertive functions and they both even like to get things done in totally different ways and reasoning. Se is not an organized function at all, it's pretty impulsive and unorganized as a function actually. Se does actually though like to get things over with and is a very fast paced function as a whole, Se users respond to details in the moment spontaneously and want to handle and get things done quickly and over with so they can move on with their day and respond to a new thing today in the moment and Se users are very hands on too, especially with ESTPs, I type Bakugo and Yusuke Urameshi ESTP both in this way too.

This is probably why ESTPs are called the doers cause they just want to get things over with and are very fast paced and jump into things and their logical too with their Ti so they can handle and fix systems and objects and care about accuracy with their Ti aux as well that works perfectly with their dominant Se they use to responds and pay attention to details around them in the moment. Se users aren't efficient or organized at all but they like to handle things hands on and get things over with as quickly as they can when their finally energized and ready to do something and their very to the point, realistic, and straight forward and rely on their senses for everything and what they see and perceive with it as well and their again very hands on again definitely. Getting things over with is and done with to move onto the next thing to respond to is everything to the Se user, at least some of the things they care about and work anyway, but despite this trait there again not efficient or structured at all and can sometimes be lazy and distracted and unorganized and inefficient as a whole often too. Te users are very efficient and organized people and their very straight forward, assertive, confident and to the point as well, Se users are also to the point and confident assertive types. Luffy's Te is low so he's not very organized except for bursts of Te moments like commanding his crew with confidence we need to go to that island or do this thing now or as soon we can and stay on task and get to that island in the distance or whatever he says that time. Luffy is very confident, assertive, and to the point with his Te with things, people mix this up with Se in him and other characters but no this is Te in Luffy now Se at all which is a function he hardly ever uses at all because Luffy never lives in the moment and hates details and doesn't respond to them very well and never pays attention to things and details much with his head in the clouds and airheaded scatter-brained Ne that he's known for, and of course Luffy is future oriented with his Pirate King dream and saying he's gonna achieve it all the time with is Ne and Te and being curious about the next adventure in the future with his Ne again all the time that he always thinks about and says out loud with his future oriented Ne in the series, going on the next adventure in the future is everything to Luffy and his character as a future oriented Ne dom and classic ENFP character for him as well.

Here's some more Luffy Ne and Si moments in him here as ENFP for him in the series, he did Gum Gum Scapegoat in Marineford which was a Ne idea attack he came up with after remembering with his Si the detail that Buggy’s body can be cut and sword attacks don’t work on him when Mihawk went to attack him, Si again in Luffy along with Ne idea for a new attack he came up with on the spot, Gum Gum Snake shot against Hordy Jones, His Ne idea to have Mr 3 make him armor to hit Magellan, he also came up with this idea again before back in Little Garden when the wax got on him and he came up with the idea for Gum Gum Mallet, he came up with Gum Gum Flower Arrangement idea against Laboon, he came up with Gum Gum Shotgun attack idea against Crocodile and he did Gum Gum Buzzsaw another new attack he came up with his Ne in the 2nd Crocodile fight, Luffy came up with 2 new Ne attacks with his Ne imagination in a row in a matter of second in this fight against Crocodile and so on. And another huge point about the 2nd Crocodile fight is Luffy remembered with his Si, after carefully observing the details with his Si since Si is careful and observant and remembers details carefully in situations that it stores in its mind, when Se just reacts in the moment and is more forgetful. Luffy’s Si is also low as an inferior function which makes him forgetful but he still remembers details in situations and from the past as an Si user still even if it’s his fourth function, Luffy remembered he could grip Crocodiles arm when the water touched him and then realized that water is his weakness with his Ne seeing the pattern and possibility and then he got the Ne idea to use water to hurt and hit Crocodile. After he tried and hurt Crocodile enough and still lost, in the third fight we see Luffy seeing pattern and meaning with things with his Ne and then with the patterns he sees he figured out the meaning of why he could hit Crocodile with his Ne and realized he could hit Crocodile with his Blood too since it’s liquid, here you can see the pattern recognition Ne in Luffy here and him seeing the hidden meaning of things and putting two patterns and things together with his Ne in these scenes. And Si details he remembers from past experiences. Also Luffy is very curious about the One Piece treasure and wants to know what it is and go in the journey himself to get there, most ESFPs are less impatient with that and those kind of things and want the tangible material reward as soon as possible now which Luffy does not want to do at all, he wants to know the underlying meaning of the One Piece and figure out what it is and do it on his own terms and through his own journey fair and square and satisfy that curiosity Luffy has of the One Piece, and Luffy wants to know what it is and what the treasure could be? Ne again in Luffy.

Also Luffy makes decisions based on past experiences and details, like with him copying Shanks philosophy in Jaya with not wanting to fight Bellamy for insulting Pirate dreams, Si copying Shanks in Luffy. Ne users also see patterns which Luffy does all the time, he saw patterns again when Lucci used Soru in Icebergs mansion and saw the patterns of his techniques and then later got the idea for Gear second with his Ne again. He saw the pattern of what’s going on in Alabasta in his Luffy vs Vivi fight and speech and said even I see what’s going on in the country, Ne and Si again.

Also Luffy asks a lot of questions all the time and is very curious about the world around him which is all Ne traits. He doesn’t see the world for what it is, Se. Yes he's too trusting and sometimes takes things at face value but this is just coming from him being too trusting and naive and innocent ENFP and idealistic NF, most of the time besides these moments Luffy is seeing patterns beneath the surface and cares for hidden meaning with his Ne like with Luffy vs Vivi scene, wondering and seeing the meaning of Hiruluk's flag even though didn't know why the flag was there and who it belonged to, his Ne still saw the hidden meaning and purpose of the flag with his Ne and NF ideals and Fi values and Si convictions he believes in too and the Si honor he believes as a ENFP and as a true respectable pirate too. He’s curious and wants to see the world of what it could be and what things could be when he’s imagined what the next mysterious island is and gets excited by his curiosity, Ne. Ne users are curious and always get excited by things in the outer world, Se users and Ne users both care about the outer world and experiencing the external world around them, extroverted function all care about the external world while introverted functions look inside first. Se users live the moment today which Luffy does not do and Ne users are future oriented which Luffy does all the time with shouting his Pirate King dream to everyone all the time and things like focusing on the boss he needs to beat in the arc. Also Ne users are more airheaded and distracted than Se users even if both struggle focusing, Ne is more scatterbrained which Luffy is always like, like with getting distracted from plans all the time like in Enies Lobby and Dressrosa with getting distracted from Laws plans he told him to follow along with other examples. And Luffy is bad at noticing details and paying attention again and Luffy is bad at reacting to details in the moment which is the definition of Se, Luffy doesn’t pay attention too often to be ENFP and also misses obvious things as well that Se users often see since their paying attention to details around them at all times to react too with their Se, Luffy is not like that and is scatterbrained, airheaded, and has his head in the clouds all the time or is distracted by something with his Ne curiosity in the outer world.

Going back to the Ne users are always asking questions example and point, this asking questions a lot trait is a common trait in intuitives and especially Ne users because Ne is about ideas, possibilities, and curiosity. Luffy was open to all possibilities of the Sky Island existing and is a massive dreamer and didn’t reject its existence like an Se might do because it sounds unrealistic, like Bellamy did an ESTP or Zoro thinking it’s not real an ISTP, the Jaya shows Luffys Ne best with his dreamer Ne of the Sky Island and believing Pirates dreams matching Blackbeard’s beliefs another ENFP like Luffy, Luffy sees all possibilities all the time and the Jaya arc shows this trait in Luffy the best with Luffy’s Ne being very obvious in the Jaya arc because of those reasons I mentioned. Now again back to the last point of Ne always asking questions, Luffy is always asking questions like “What is that?” “What’s that island?” “Do you think there meat, there?” “What if there is something cool on that island?” This is all Ne asking questions a lot and Ne curiosity coming out in Luffy, and his most famous Ne question in the series is “Do Mermaid’s poop?” Only an ENFP would ask that question, because it’s so out there and unorthodox and strange as a question for someone to ask. Lastly Ne is not only coming up with ideas which I explained Luffy always does above, it’s also excited by new ideas all the time which we always see with Luffy’s excitement of wonder and the constant sparkle in his eyes when new ideas are talked about or shown to him.

For example again when he’s excited about the idea of going to a new mysterious island they never been too, getting excited by Franky’s improvements to himself and body and the Sunny, and anything weird and interesting like bugs and something exciting someone says to him that even other people wouldn’t get excited about, Luffy gets excited by new ideas all the time and is amazed by everything he sees around him and what new ideas people say or new ideas they show him, especially Usopp's inventions too that he shows off as an ENTP inventor and liar for Usopp.

Also in the story of One Piece there is a clear disconnect and difference of ideals and beliefs of most of Si marines and Ne desires for the pirates and future dreams and adventures and having the freedom to do these things and go after them in the future in the story and series. Luffy's Ne curiosity and want and desire for new adventures and possibilities in the future aspect and friction between the Si rules, tradition, rigid, and duty and authority Si rules of the Marines aspect, this is a common conflict between freedom Ne pirates like Luffy and Si rules and tradition of the Marines and rigid World Government, this Ne wanting freedom for new future adventures and doing what you want to be able to do that and the Si traditions of the Marines and WG is a big theme in One Piece. Most Si users are good people and not bad, but most of the Si users and SJs in the marines are clearly corrupt and bad ones like Akainu, sometimes Sengoku, most likely the Gorosei, and any other corrupt SJ marines in the series, the best and most moral and good Marines and Si user SJ marines in the series clearly are Smoker and Coby and were watching them as they changed the evil corrupt Marines and World Government from the inside and rise up the ranks in the series. I think this is also why people and Japanese love One Piece as one aspect because the rigid rules of life and traditions cultures have stresses people and makes them unhappy in life and here Luffy is not caring about rules and tradition and going after what he wants and following his dreams and going on new adventures in the future, Ne and Si are opposite functions so there dynamic between them in the story and conflict in One Piece Oda laid out is very clear if you pay attention to this aspect in the series and characters and their interactions. The first time we see the authority beliefs of the Marines in this show is captain Morgan’s lines about his authority on the tower. And Luffy’s Ne is laid out when he states his dream and him seeing the possibility to do this and reach his goal and he says if he dies, at least he tried when he talks to Coby at the start.

Luffy is always brainstorming and asking questions about everything with what he sees, people he meets, and things he’s trying to figure out, all with his Ne here in every scene he’s in. Watch how many times a ? question mark appears on your screen or reading a character's dialogue to help decide if they’re a high Ne user or not, since high Ne users ask a lot of questions all the time about everything and everyone. Luffy does this all the time and is always asking Ne curiosity questions in his dialogue all the time in every scene he’s in, “What’s that?” is a common one in his dialogue with his Ne, trying to brainstorm what to do in a situation is common with him too or trying to remember something or find a solution too to a problem.

Talking about the dreams thing, yes of course any type or character and person can dream and dream big and have big dreams, sensors and intuitives alike. But I think it's perfectly normal to say Ne users dream bigger than Se users or sensors more often overall in general at least, as sensors are more practical and realistic usually again, not all the time and Ne users are more idealistic, especially NFs and NFPs, and usually bigger dreamers overall. And Luffy is the embodiment of that, Luffy’s entire character is built around dreams and following your dreams, more than any other shonen main character, even if most of them are big dreamers and ENFPs too. Goku laid out the first ENFP stereotype and blueprint since Goku is ENFP himself and he created the later ones after and Luffy is inspired by him just like the other big ones in Shonen Jump we know today. Luffy though is debatably the best one and embodiment of the ENFP personality and big dreamer type, his entire character is based on it and the One Piece story is too with it being centered around dreams and following them among other major themes as well in the story too. The whole crew has big dreams and there all sensors and intuitives alike, but Luffy is the embodiment of the ENFP, Ne dom dreamer. I felt like I had to mention this because it's an important part of his character, we see how much of a dreamer he is in episode 1 and the beginning of the manga too and his ENFP personality comes out there for Luffy. Asta is ESFP from Black Clover and has a big dream too but still shows and acts like a Se dom and approaches the dream in a Se way still for him, but Luffy is not like that at all and approaches his dream and acts like a ENFP through and through completely here in the first chapter of the series and throughout the story again and again. This is especially obvious in the dream arc and saga of Jaya and Skypeia. Luffy was open to the Sky Island’s existence and never rejected ever and saw multiple possibilities for it existing and imagined all the possibilities on what it was like and wanted to go there just like Usopp when they were playing and get excited yelling let's go to the Sky Island everyone. Luffy shows how much he cares for dreams again in Jaya with not fighting Bellamy by copying Shanks in the past with Luffy’s Si holding onto that memory and teaching Shanks taught him with that past experience, and choosing to not fight and letting him beat him up in the bar instead. He was dragged out by Nami and then they met Blackeard another ENFP like Luffy and he gave him his famous Blackbeard speech here and “A man’s dreams will never die!” line we all know him for in this scene, Luffy continued staring at him here because while he agrees with his ideology and beliefs, he still intuitively felt something was off with this guy and said nothing as a result which led to a really deep scene left up to interpretation for the audience. Luffy and Blackbeard are both ENFPs and Blackbeard is Luffy's opposite in terms of him being like him but opposite still in how he is even though they're so alike and both believe in dreams both as ENFPs similarly and see the world the same but go about achieving their dreams and goals in different ways, especially morally. Blackbeard is the evil version of Luffy, an evil ENFP which is unique in fiction as a comparison to a good ENFP like Luffy overall, yes I know Luffy has moral ambiguity to his character and decisions by the way too. Luffy is good and saves and helps people all the time but is not a hero, he even outright tells us this in Fishman Island. He doesn't want to be a hero, no matter how many good deeds he does in the story, we know this as an audience from watching his character and actions in the story. Regardless of this Luffy will always be a good person and be doing good things for people overall and is a very naive and innocent character at heart and a fictional ENFP character that's exaggerated in the One Piece story just like most ENFPs in fiction compared to their real life ENFP human counterparts in real life in the real world and how they are in life.

Anyways, we later find out Blackbeard would be Luffy’s major enemy among many and is the root cause to Ace being captured and eventually dying as we all know sadly. Dreams and Luffy is basically a synonym basically and at this point, and this all fits the ENFP personality and Ne doms and how they are and behave as people, especially for NFP personality types which all fits Luffy perfectly as I explained in the post above. Luffy is not practical or realistic at all and he’s not hands on in the slightest either like Se users, I type Franky ESTP and Brook ESFP and they all fit this description as Se users and SPs themselves, Luffy is more of a NF and NF idealistic, huge dreamer, unrealistic and idealistic instead, imaginative, loves and comes up with new ideas, curious about everything in the world and people, loves learning new things and is always asking questions, is very future oriented and is always thinking about his future dream he wants to achieve and saying it to people and that he will be Pirate King one day and is also always thinking of the next future adventure he will go on with his Ne as well. Luffy is the perfect ENFP anime character, along with Goku and Aang, Gon Freecss, Usagi Sailor Moon, Kamina, and Naruto are also really great ENFP characters as well too. But Luffy is ENFP, he really represents the personality type and is the ENFP stereotype the best I feel. Luffy is one of the best and greatest ENFPs of all time, I hope this post made it clear why with my opinion on this topic. I had to do my favorite anime character of all time justice and I spoke about him as objectively as I can here too I feel. I think I did a good job but feel free to roast me in the comments lol if you feel I missed anything or disagree here. If you agree though tell me why too, I’m open to all opinions and I’ll gladly respond and debate and discuss what people think on the matter with him and his character. Thanks for reading everyone, this post was a long time coming.

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