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Money Heist

Burning Paradigm

Vibe Curator & Night Owl
May 16, 2020
Instinctual Variant
Disclaimer: I just started Season 3 of the show, so I know there are characters that are yet to be introduced. I figured I'd type the ones I have seen so far, though.

The Professor: INTJ 5w6 > 1w9 > 3w4 so/sp
Berlin: ENTJ 3w4 > 8w9 > 5w6 sx/so
Tokyo: ESTP 7w8 > 4w3 > 8w7 sx/so
Nairobi: ENFP 7w8 > 2w3 > 8w9 so/sx
Rio: ISFP 6w7 > 9w8 > 4w3 so/sx
Helsinki: ESFJ 7w8 > 8w9 > 2w3 so/sx (I'm kind of ballparking this one tbh)
Oslo: ISTP 8w9 > 6w5 > 3w4 sp/sx
Denver: ESFP 7w8 > 8w7 > 2w3 so/sx
Moscow: ISFJ 6w7 > 2w3 > 9w1 sp/so
Monica/Stockholm: ISFJ 9w1 > 6w5 > 2w1 sp/sx
Raquel/Lisbon: ESTJ 1w9 > 3w4 > 6w5 so/sp
Arturo Roman/Arturito: ESFJ 3w2 > 6w7 > 1w9 so/sx
Alison Parker: ISFP 4w3 > 9w1 > 6w7 sx/sp
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