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MBTI Type and hand-writting


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Mar 26, 2017
The article is restricted but the abstract is quite interesting:

"Studies in psychology showed a close link between handwriting and personality, but this was never formally analyzed. In the context of career development there is a need to determine the personality type in a more efficient manner than the classic questionnaire. Moreover, in the fields of psychology and medicine, constant monitoring the patient's personality can provide information regarding his mental health status, if he suffers from mental disorders or show psychological symptoms for common physical diseases. We analyze the link between personality types and handwriting, by correlating the handwriting features with the personality primitives in a neural-network 3-level architecture. Results show an accuracy of 86.7% in determining the personality type, with highest accuracies for Extravert vs. Introvert and Thinking vs. Feeling personality primitives. The system computes the personality type in less than 1 minute, proving to be more efficient than a questionnaire and suitable for real-life use."

Study on determining the Myers-Briggs personality type based on individual's handwriting - IEEE Conference Publication