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Judy Hopps (ENFP) The Idealist, It's Possible Anyone can be Anything! - Zootopia MBTI


New member
Feb 21, 2013
Judy Hopps MBTI ENFP - Zootopia MBTI Types

Judy Hopps ENFP - Zootopia Myers-Briggs Typings

It's time to do a post on one of my favorite characters ever, Judy Hopps, and explain why she's a in my opinion obvious ENFP and not a ENFJ character at all which I think in my opinion is a major mistype she gets commonly mistyped as all the time online as you'll see. After reading this post and opinion I hope you'll have an open mind and see why in my opinion Judy Hopps is definitely a Ne user and Fi, Te user and Si users as a ENFP character for herself and is not even close to being ENFJ at all as a Disney character like for example a famous ENFJ character who is ENFJ is Mufasa for instance, Mufasa and Judy Hopps have almost no similarities at all as characters or personality wise except being ENFXs haha, but she does have a ton of similarities to Simba another ENFP Disney character for instance, which makes sense since Judy Hopps is a ENFP character herself. But of course she's a ENFP girl so she's more similar to ENFP girl Disney characters like Ariel, Moana, Anna, and Rapunzel who are all ENFP girl Disney characters that are all famous and wildly popular in the world as we all know. But anyways the point is, I strongly think and type Judy Hopps ENFP and a Ne user and Fi user and so on and hopefully this post will convince with evidence of why from the film, so if you disagree feel free to be patient and relax and just read the post out all the way through and see if my post and any of my points in it can convince you Judy Hopps is ENFP and not ENFJ at all like some people think stereotypically speaking at least for what you expect from a cop main character in a film or show, cause I get where people are coming from I know, but I feel people aren't looking at her actions and behaviors in the story correctly in my opinion and missed noticing her Ne, Fi, Te, and Si and so on in the the film that makes her a ENFP character definitely again in my opinion. So with that long winded introduction as usual, if you made it this far thank you, enjoy the read down below if you want to see me convince you on why Judy Hopps is a clear ENFP character to in my opinion, thank you for all the support as always and also thanks again for reading and feel free to tell me what you think yourself down below.

Judy Hopps went against society and always believe there was a possibility to be a cop even if she's a bunny and its never been done before. Her Ne saw the possibility of becoming a cop no matter what and her Fi believed in her heart to do it no matter what the odds or what anyone said, the perfect combination for a ENFP character like herself in this film with the world being against her and telling her she can't do this and to listen to the rules of society, which she also ignores as a lower Si inferior user as ENFP as well. When the movie starts and she states her future police officer dream to the world and during their play, she says to everyone and Gideon, "It may seem impossible to small minds, I'm looking at you Gideon Grey! Just 200 hundred and 11 miles away stands the great city of Zootopia, where our ancestors first joined together in peace and declared anyone can be anything!" With that speech and especially last line being a perfect Ne line for seeing possibilities and potential in all people and Judy's Ne, Fi, and Si believing in this quote so strongly here and her whole life. Her Ne sees possibilities to be a bunny police officer as a kid against all odds regardless of what society says and sees possibilities for the great city of Zootopia and its people with her Ne, that she always dreamed of with her Ne again and of going to one day when she eventually follows her dream to finally become a cop in the future like she always wanted too. Judy Hopps is always seeing multiple possibilities for everything she sees and everyone with her Ne as a ENFP girl and character and different scenes in the movie show us that about her from ever since she was a kid always dreaming about it with Zootopia and going there one day as a cop herself in the future and with when she travels and arrives there and so on with her amazement of Zootopia and its people which we'll further see and get into later in this post.

Her parents give her a SJ Si security based speech on being secure and not trying anything new and not failing and being safe job wise which is a common theme with most parents as we know, both in life and in fiction. Judy just shrugs it off and says she likes trying with her Ne and Fi and acts very happy go lucky and excited like most ENFPs are known for being and we also see her early NF idealism as a kid and constant dedication for things no matter how unrealistic they sound or are. They mention how hard and difficult and impossible her dream will be of achieving and they try to end it off by saying there's never been a bunny cop ever, Judy Hopps responds by saying "Oh...well then I guess, I'll have to be the first one! Cause I'm gonna make the world a better place!" Her NF idealism and perseverance of her Ne seeing the possibility of being the first bunny cop ever drives her to do it cause the possibility exists to her and her Fi believes in her heart she can do this no matter what even if its never been done and she lives by her inner Fi values completely separate from society and its values and what they say she shouldn't do in life right here in this scene and of her living by her strong Fi values the entire film and movie too even after this scene.

Sometimes people mix up the functions and types and how they are and can be and even mix together values, both Fi and Fe users both can care about people, society, the world, fighting for what they believe in and wanting to help people and the world in life. Yes most Fe users are group and society based with their values and personality traits and what they focus on, but that doesn't mean Fi users don't ever focus on the group, society, or want to make the world a better place and its people in life happier and more positive too, I know many ENFPs that love to help people and society with those are a major motivation for their drive and goals in life, of course they do, they're people too! And plenty of INFPs, ISFPs, and ESFPs as well that love to help people and society as well. You don't have to be a ENFJ, INFJ, ESFJ, or ISFJ to want to save the world and all its people in it and society, even if again they are really known for it and Fe users are known for that alot with how Fe works generally, Fi users care alot about that stuff and helping people, especially with their standpoint of their strong Fi values and beliefs driving them inside and carrying them throughout life with whatever they believe in so strong in their lives so much and for their motivations, a lot of activism and voices of change and better and helping society are Fi users and NFPs in life, not just Fe users or NFJs, just had to clarify all that, so yeah a bunny cop that wants to serve the community and society doesn't mean ENFJ and Fe automatic and can be an Fi user and ENFP too, just like Judy Hopps is here as a ENFP girl character herself in this film. Keep reading on for more reasons on why Judy Hopps is a clear ENFP character in my opinion if you need any more convincing and thank you so much for reading up to this point, I appreciate it. I guess you can see the Fe in me since I'm an INFJ haha, but ok moving on.

Her ENFP and NF idealism shows through when she says he's right, I don't know when to quit and we proceed to see some awesome inspiring scenes of her training and failing and getting back up again until she succeeds and finally become a cop like she's dreamed and head over to Zootopia after she gets her badge after the ceremony.

She gets on the train and she's amazed by everything she sees with her Ne, her Ne sees possibilities for everything she looks at and then finally the big dream like Zootopia amazing city she's always dreamed of going to as a kid. She's curious about everything and is amazed by Zootopia when she gets there with her Ne again as the movie goes on and she arrives in the city. She arrives in a positive optimistic attitude and is very innocent and curious as she goes there and she can't wait to get started and begin her journey here as a cop here which are all common ENFP traits. The movie goes on and she starts as a parking attendant which she hates of course but still tries to go above and beyond doing it. When she meets Nick and gets tricked by him with her bright bubbly optimism and innocence, we see her naïve side as a ENFP which is a common trail with them and INFPs a lot. She's a bit naïve and overly nice and cheerful and believes Nick and the elephant boy too easily here in this scene with a very bright and happy go lucky ENFP attitude.

She says, nobody can tell me what I can or can't be, especially not some jerk who never had the guts to try to be anything more than a popsicle hustler" Judy ENFP. More Ne lines seeing possibilities and believing in herself on what she can be in life and not listening to others and what the general public says about her, Ne and Fi. She's dreaming of doing the impossible no matter what anyone says and always sees the possibility to be something great even if she's a bunny rabbit and almost became a carrot farmer like Nick deduced earlier from her as a

ENTP and Ne user himself too. She uses a ton of Ne and Fi with seeing possibilities and always believing in herself and others and the city of Zootopia and what's possible of it. Her Ne sees possibilities for herself in the future as a great cop and her Fi believes in herself and inner values. And Judy Hopps is insanely idealistic as a NF girl herself too. Her lower Si is apparent though because doesn't pay much attention to details and focuses on what she's looking at or thinking about or a curious thing she sees and then ignores everything else around her sometimes because she's a bit airheaded with her Ne, a good example of this is when she walks straight into wet cement and starts sinking into it and doesn't even realize it until Nick points it out to her and she looks down to see she's stuck in it. This scene shows she always has her head in the clouds as a dom Ne user and ENFP and is very airheaded and misses details around her a lot of the time, and is more focused on her curiosity of the things she sees around her and forgets anything else around her also after that or focuses on what she cares about strongly to the point she misses all or most details again with her lower Si inferior and her high dominant airheaded Ne as a ENFP herself again here. An ENFJ wouldn't be as airheaded as this even if they are intuitives too and don't care for details as much, they still have Se third and see details more often than a ENFP does who has Si inferior as their last stack in their main functions and also Se as a shadow function too as well. So this scene alone proves Judy Hopps is a airheaded head in the clouds Ne dom and ENFP girl all in this one scene alone with her sinking in the quicksand and not realizing it at all until pointed out to her that its happening to her. Again true there's some mild stereotyping with this statement and point but I'm just speaking generally here even if I know ENFPs can of course pay attention too which I know of course and sometimes have even airheaded ENFJs too, I'm just saying generally speaking Ne users and ENFPs miss details more often compared to ENFJs and are generally more airheaded with their head in the clouds with their Ne more often, if we had to compare the two side by side for the reasons stated above. Judy Hopps fits those Ne airheaded stereotypical head in the clouds descriptions here perfectly all in this one scene showing she's definitely a ENFP character and girl for sure and not even close to being ENFJ at all because of this airheaded ENFP moment she has here in the movie. This is one of my major points I'll use here for my case for her and argument.

She's reckless, spontaneous and breaks the rules all the time and debates with others and goes against what people say. She jumped right in and ran after the weasel guy without following orders and chased him without hesitation, thinking, or any planning at all. Sure it was a emergency situation, but she didn't call anyone, call for backup, do any safety precaution of any kind in the scene and just focused on running after the weasel spontaneously and proving herself no matter how impulsive or reckless the action was on her part, this recklessness and spontaneity traits are more common in perceivers and ENFPs than ENFJs since ENFJs are more structured, safe, and organized people which Judy is nothing like in this film or scene here as a ENFP character for herself again. Her lower Si has her disregard and ignore the rules and guidelines even if she sometimes states them a cop and debatably Si user, but her lower Si is apparent when she focuses on possibilities, curiosity, and dreams of anyone becoming anything with her Ne over Si traditions, rules, and the way things should be and listening to what people say and her ignoring all that since she hates tradition and rules and wants always do something new never done before and doesn't care for rules, structure, and all that and again prefers the new and interesting and new possibilities for herself, other people, and Zootopia and what could be for each of them in the future. Which all is her reasoning for her of like lines she says of always wanting to try so that she can do something new, make the world a better place, and so anyone can be anything in the future in life, all major Ne lines again and motivations here in Judy Hopps as a ENFP and ENFP behaviors coming out of her too like in this weasel chase scene in the film. Stereotypically speaking ENFJs are more known for following rules and guidelines more often compared to perceivers and ENFPs in this case and example, of course this isn't always the case but generally speaking ENFPs tend to follow their heart and ignore rules and guidelines if they don't make sense to them in their eyes and heart and there not afraid to rebel if its unjust, they don't want too, or those particular rules don't feel right to them inside and so on. Whereas ENFJs do focus on and care alot more about rules usually and society and its values and so on with their Fe and Ni too you could say also. Anyways moving onto the next scene, Judy Hopps gets roasted and scolded by the ESTJ Chief for abandoning her post, recklessly putting helpless people in danger, starting a scurry and panic and so on, I explained and pointed out all these reckless and doing things without thinking points above already on the whole ENFP vs ENFJ points debate here in this scene and part of the film.

She's witty, jumps from idea to idea with her Ne and is good at talking herself in and out of things like when she hustled Nick and creatively talks just like him which makes sense since he's a ENTP. Anyways she spins his words on him in a witty manner, counts up his lack of taking taxes and criminal activity, and flips his words against him with her recording causing him to be forced to work with her. She thinks ahead, is good at coming up with ideas on the spot with her Ne and continues to hustle Nick through the film easily, like for example of coming up with the Ne idea of tricking him again by throwing the pen over the gate and threatening to arrest him for climbing the fence suspiciously all to force him to keep helping her still on the case.

We see more of her Ne curiosity and always asking question with her Ne curiosity all the time with things and people as a ENFP in the film, with the perfect example being when they get taken by the polar bears to see Mr. Big. She sees different polar bears of different sizes enter the room and says and asks the question with her Ne curiosity, "Is that Mr. Big?" Nick says no, Judy continues to ask the questions with her Ne, "What about him? Is that him?" Nick continues to say no in anger and frustration trying to shut her up with all the questions in this scary situation. She ends it off saying that's gotta be him and Nick continues to get mad and tells her to stop talking, her Ne was curious and constantly asking questions in this scene and was curious who Mr. Big could possibly be with her Ne and what he looked like, class Ne behavior and ENFP personality traits coming from Judy Hopps here. Judy Hopps is a Te user is cares about efficiency at times quite often and can be even bossy and commanding with the things and goals she wants and gives Te orders to Nick all the time with her sometimes bossiness to him. She speaks to Mr. Big with confidence and tells him what she's going to do regarding the case and all the things and how she's going to efficiently find out what she thinks he did to that otter if its the last thing she does she says to with full confidence in this scene all with her headstrong Te as she talks down to Mr. Big. The whole film she's thinking about Te efficiency and getting goals done in a efficient fashion, she uses Te all the time in the film and has a very strong Te mindset and mentality throughout since she was a kid all the way up till now with her as a adult ENFP girl and her Te goal driven focus and efficiency drives her the whole film and his motivations to get things done and as effectively as possible, along with her Fi and Ne of course driving her too even if Te is still low in her stack being third and isn't her strongest function overall as a ENFP still, she still uses Te decently well and consistently throughout the film anyway as a ENFP character again.

She asks where does that road go curiously with her Ne when they track the car together after Nicks Ne idea on finding them. She comes up with the Ne idea to start a howl to distract the wolves which works, perfect Ne idea moment for Judy Hopps in this scene, so much so that Nick told Judy your a very clever bunny right after her great Ne idea she came up with there. She also came up with the Ne idea to use the toilet to escape from the jail.

Judy Hopps is very intuitive with her Ne and learns things quickly with it and sees patterns and makes connections easily as a character and cop, similar to Nick as well as a ENTP for him. A good prime example of this is when she came up with the idea push Doug out the train and steal the train to get to the police and then intuitively learned with her Ne how to move the train even if she's never done it before, this is a classic scene of her using her intuition to learn something new spontaneously on the spot and it working even if she never done it before, her strong intuition in this scene as a ENFP even amazes Nick when she uses her Ne here to figure it out, even though he's a ENTP himself and also a Ne user.

She said in her ending speech at the end, how she dreamed of Zootopia of being this amazing place where anyone can be anything. Her Ne dreamed hard with this one and led to her amazing speech in this scene. She encourages to try and go for it and do something no matter how hard or difficult. You have to try is her message in the speech as always, she implores everyone to try to make a change and make the world a better place since now she learned life isn't as simple as the Zootopia slogan she always grew up with and believed and that life is more complicated than that, she learned all of this with her Si holding onto that in the past for so long and learning from all her new experiences as a Si users up till now with her current experiences as a adult and living her cop dream finally. She says we should try to learn and understand each other and our differences, only after we try to do that can we make the world a better place for all of us and its something we all have to have the courage and bravery to do for the each of us, which is a beautiful and perfect inspiring message for a ENFP character like her to have and with her Ne and other functions too like Fi and and Te too and even learning from her Si as well, all this fits perfect in line with her ENFP personality and Ne and other functions and her anyone can be anything and we have to try to make a change inspires us to enact it and the practice in our own lives to be less discriminatory towards others and accept peoples differences in life and continue to work to make the world a better place each and everyday.

Judy Hopps believes the slogan of Zootopia the whole film as a ENFP, that anyone can be anything in the future with her Ne and Fi and believes there multiple possibilities for all people in the world and for the people of Zootopia as a Ne user and ENFP again who believes in this mentality stated again as I already said this whole entire post. And now she finally finds the true meaning of that saying just like she's always wanted since hidden deep meaning to things is everything to her and new possibilities for all things and people too too, she finally truly understands the meaning of that phrase after all her experiences and learning through life now up to this point and finds out anyone can be anything and we can all get along and respect our differences as people and animals but we again just have to try, a perfect message that comes commonly from a ENFP person or character, she says we have to try so that anyone can actually be anything and respect and understood as a individual who is more similar to you than you think, even if they may look scary or different from you on the surface, how you look or are born as doesn't matter in life, its about who you are inside and the possibilities of who you can become in the future are endless! And Judy Hopps Ne saw those possibilities all along ever since she was a kid and still up till she was a adult up to know in the story and film of the amazing movie Zootopia, she was right as a ENFP character with this messaged she believed the whole film, no matter who you are or what you look like on the surface, anyone can be anything and can make a change in their life and for other people in a positive way, we just have to try together to see that and make change happen for all people and respect each others differences so that change can happen with each other, and continue to make the world a better place in the process.

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