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[Other/Multiple Enneatypes] John Luckovich's Type Profiles


Feb 5, 2015
Well dome John. The Twenty-Severn Enneagram Types and Instinctual Type Combinations. Have not read your book but I am working my way though your breath typologies for the 27 types as you frame them.

I am a INFP 9w1w8 , 9w1 5w6 4w5 , 1221 , Sx/Sp.

I enjoyed reading the 9 Sexual type I'm spill working at gaging your writing meter so to say and working out your logical way of layering information. - Overview, healthy unhealthy, free least free.

Sexual Nines
Sexual Nines are looking to experience Essential Harmony through chemistry and sexual relationships, and their attraction style tends to be more focused on inviting attraction rather than outright pursuit. Sexual Nines have a flirtatious style that balances an edginess with reassuring sweetness. The imaginative quality of this type can lend itself to a great deal of creativity or idealism, but this can suffer from a lack of grounding. - John Luckovich

I think for a Sexual Nine, Essential Harmony though chemistry within relationships is a real thing and the playful side Sexual Nines Know how to temper the aggressive edge of the sexual drive is so true.

Sexual Nines know how to temper the aggressive edges of the Sexual Drive with attunement more skillfully than other Sexual Types. The good-natured quality of Nine supports people in feeling relaxed and comfortable in letting their guard down. - John Luckovich

I find it difficult to exactly describe but my take on Sexual Nines that their focus is so much about sexuality but more about a focus upon organic biology from a metaphysical sense view point its more about Quantum Biology that part the sub-conches inputs. Sexual Nines wish to engage actively with that quanta of the human condition. Sexuality is like a medium because it is a enlarger Ning of self at a chemistry level we presence the sexual energy with self and other and utilising that larger energy is an attractive alternative for not making the law of three happen within and being receptive to the raw flow of the Three Instincts as raw energy flows/drives/memory logos s. As first witness when the union was separated into three as part of early childhood development into growing or developing an egoic mind set one of eighteen. All taken place at Age: 3-4.

I did not gel with all that was said and I thought to my self that you were writing to an audience larger that one nine you were talking to all nines Nine with One wing and Nine with Eight wing Sx/so and Sx/sp. That's four combinations.
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