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[ISTP] ISTP Female (RARE) Interviewed by ENFP Male


Feb 23, 2019
Hello ISTPs! In this interview, I got a chance to talk to Tara about what it's like to be an ISTP Ti-Se CP/B(S) FF. This interview was super interesting because you rarely get a chance to talk to an officially typed ISTP female. This interview was interesting as Tara explained her trouble with guessing what's coming next in the future. Because she is Se lead, she wanted to get the information now, in the present and making a guess about the future stressed her out. She also liked talking about people a lot and she has the fear of tribe hate. Over the years, she has practiced working on her Fe and make sure she mirrors the emotions of people she's speaking to and repeat back what they say to her. This has humanized her more to the eyes of her clients, friends, and family members. Because of the work, she put in her Fe, it's now odd that her biggest struggle might actually be using her Introverted Intuition to make future predictions. Overall, it was a fun interview as we talked about fitness and also using her SF Play to make amusing imitating gestures of her. Watch this video here: ISTP Female Tara L. Ti-Se CP/B(S) FF Interviewed By ENFP Male - YouTube