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Instinctual Variant (Questionnaire)


Oct 10, 2020
Instinctual Variant
I've said previously that I've suspected Sx-blind (I still stand by this), but I wanted to do this for the hell of it:


(1) How important is your home? How much time and money do you spend on your home? Can you easily move to a new living space?

Well, I don't really have much of my own space aside from my room, so I can't fully answer this. Regarding time and money, not much (since again, it's not really my own space right now). With being able to go into a new space, I don't mind it necessarily.

(2) How important is your family? Do you experience warm relationships with family members?

Not too much honestly (on both questions).

(3) What is your current relationship to food - buying, preparing, eating? Do you like to share your meals with other people?

I buy food from Doordash sometimes, but I don't really prep my own (even though I'm capable/wouldn't mind doing so). As far as sharing my meals, not really (unless I intended on it).

(4) How much time and energy to you spend on your physical health? Are you up to date in your health care appointments with doctors, dentists, etc?

I don't spend much energy on it and probably need to do so more often. Regarding that, then no (I haven't been to the doctor consistently is why).

(5) Do you feel financially secure? How much effort do you make towards earning money and managing money? Do you worry about this? What is enough?

Not very, but I have been trying to save. Well, to some degree, I do (manage and worry about it). With what's enough, I'd say that having enough resources to get by without having to rely on anyone else is enough.



(1) How important is it for you to have an intimate relationship? If you are married, how much attention do you bring to your partner?

I'm not married, but I'm not very concerned with this in general.

(2) Do you prefer to spend time with your partner or close friends one on one, or would you rather spend time with people in a group?

I'm not sure if I can give an answer for this (I'm uncertain on what I'd prefer over the other).

(3) What role does sexuality play in your life?

Not a very big role at all.

(4) Do you have a spiritual practice, or a place in your life where you transcend your normal state of personality?

Nope, I wouldn't say so.



(1) Are you a member of any organized groups? What role or position do you usually play in groups?

If online communities count, then yes. Regarding groups, I try to be involved with them as much as I can (in order to gain status within them).

(2) Do you experience a sense of belonging to a community? Do you have a sense of social duty or sacrifice for the greater good?

I try to belong within them, but I'm not sure if I do or don't. Regarding the last part, I'm not sure.

(3) Do you gravitate toward being of influence in social relationships and structured community?

I would say that this is true, yes.

(4) Are you engaged with social issues? Do you follow the news? Do you participate in government or political groups?

To some degree, then yes. Also, I don't follow it too heavily, no. With government or political groups, I've been curious regarding them, but I'm not heavily informed or involved (though I'm open to the opportunity).