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New member
Apr 14, 2021
First, let me say, I seem to have high extraverted sensing and high extraverted intuition, so I don't find the cognitive stacks to be reliable at all.

I cannot figure out what personality type I have.

On the tests, I always get INFJ or INFP, but ISFJ seems the most like me.

ISFJ traits:

I value traditional values.

I'm highly organized and structured with schedules, plans, and money.

I value stability and security.

I am very detail-oriented and thorough about anything I do.

I am extremely loyal, practical, and supportive.

I don't mind being in the background as a worker bee.

I am very in touch the feelings of others. I can read their moods easily.

I have been told I am very down-to-earth.

I like to enjoy the moment I am in and make the most of each day.

I have a good memory.

I highly enjoy sensory experiences. I am a chef, I sew, I enjoy gymnastics, and I enjoy working on cars.

I have an old soul.

INFP/INFJ traits:

I love and am not at all resistant to new ideas.

Although structured, I am great at improvising and am not a stickler for rules or plans.

Although I love traditional values, I love novelty just as much. I am very open-minded.

I can focus on the big picture just as well as the details.

I am extremely idealistic. People tell me I am naive and expect the good out of people too much.

Although I don't mind being a worker bee, I'm highly individualistic when it comes to my style and preferences.

I am very in touch with my own feelings.

I am a HUGE daydreamer and am often told I have my head in the clouds.

I like to plan ahead, make goals towards the future, and think about the tomorrow.

I am much nicer to others than I am to myself.

I am very indecisive.

I'm highly sensitive to criticism (think that can be true for any of these three though.)

I remember impressions people made on me rather than details about them.

I see potential and possibility in everything.

I enjoy philosophy and abstract conversations. I stay wondering and daydreaming.

While I have an old soul, I have the heart of a child.

So as you can see, I have a lot of qualities of each of these three types.

I should also add in:

I am not at all extraverted.

I prefer solitary activities.

I get tired of too much social interaction.

Extraverts tend to drain me, and I feel I really don't understand how people can be "recharged" by time around others.

I love my extraverted friends and family, but I need my solitude.

Also I don't find the function stacks to be reliable, because I see many perfectly healthy types that use their supposed "shadow functions" regularly and sometimes more than their supposed regular ones, so I don't understand that at all.

I am an HSP (highly sensitive person) as well if that helps any.

Does anyone have an idea if I am an INFP, INFJ, or ISFJ?


trying to be a very good ENTP
Dec 1, 2011
instead of bombarding me with this wall of text can u just briefly describe what u like to do on a daily basis