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[NF] INFJ and ENFJ - Group Discussion With ISTP and ESTP On NT Inner Self Processing


Feb 23, 2019
Hello INFJs and ENFJs! In preparation for making the NT sleep video (coming out this Saturday, May 8), I got a chance to speak with Joyce (INFJ), Uzair (ISTP), Manley (ESTP), Roqb (ENFJ), and Kevin (INFJ) on how they use their NT (Ni+Ti) sleep. All these personality types share the same functions, just in a different order. This group discussion was super interesting because depending on the type, they used their NT sleep for different purposes. Joyce (INFJ) uses it to plan for the future to prevent chaos. Uzair (ISTP) uses NT sleep to figure out what the tribe is doing. Manley (ESTP) is using NT sleep to figure out how to optimize his business and increase profit. Roqb (ENFJ) is using NT sleep to build his internal framework and also to help improve the tribe's user experience. And Kevin (INFJ), is using NT sleep to figure out how to optimize his personal relationships. One of the things that fascinated these guys is the fact that taking well-thought-out calculated risks is something that is more commonly associated with these types than others. And while it seems other types are taking calculated risks, they actually just outsource that thinking to these types instead of planning for it themselves. Watch this group discussion here: INFJ, ENFJ, ISTP, ESTP - How To Use NT Sleep Group Discussion - YouTube