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I'm almost sure, but still questioning my type. What do you think?


New member
Sep 22, 2018
Hi, I've been researching about typology a lot now and I'm constantly testing as INFP on several tests, with some testing as INTP with a high F, or some as ENFP. Actually of all descriptions of the type I feel, that INFP is probably the best fit, but then there are those stereotypes about INFP's totally unfitting, as I wouldn't consider myself super-shy or naive, and instead of only dreaming about a better world I really want to make a change. While I dislike conflict, I regularly engage in conflict and take a stand for my opinions. For examples, when people inside of my local political group betrayed me and tried to push me out, I just went "F*** them all" mode and organised a nationwide network within the organisation to help me fight back on a higher level and actually sacrificed a whole lot, including my emotional health to pursue the cause I thought to be the right thing. I believe when I was way younger I did a personality test for fun, without digging deeper and got tested as INTP, which I then thought was fitting. When I let my mother do a test and I asked her,what she believed where I fit in, she said ENTP, but when I told her, I got tested as INFP, she saw many parts fitting to me. Some people also tell me they don't think I'm introverted, because I tend to be loud and outgoing sometimes, for example in political campaigning I just directly approach other people, which I nonetheless consider as an art of acting, as I for example tend to have fears making the first step, when talking to women for example. The only thing I'm 100% certain is I'm definetly a NP type as my Ne is kinda the thing I define myself with. Seeing a whole lot of patterns especially in the human society, being way pessimistic about the future and devoting my life to making a change and avoiding the ultimate disaster, which in my perspective is unevitable, when there's no change or progress.

I'll write something about how I see my relationship to the cognitive functions and let you discuss about it.

Fi: I have a deep sense of morality and values, which mostly shows in debates over politics, philosophy and religion. I often feel that my feelings are way deeper, than those of other people, to a way I often can't control them and break out emotionally under immense stress. I tried to fit in the world, but found I couldn't and chose to stay true to myself instead. When I have a really deep emotional connection to someone I love, I tend to idolize those people and feel totally crushed after breakups, which are hard to overcome.

Fe: While I genuinely care about the well-being of others, because part of my morals is to make people happy and be caring, I don't care about social norms. If they're right to me, they're fine, if I don't like them, I either accept them, or I break them.

Ti: Since I was a child, I always was interested in becoming smarter. I taught myself to read and write at the age of 3 or 4 with the help of watching the wheel of fortune, I learned basic maths at this age and I was teaching myself geography by studying atlases and maps. By the time I entered school I was totally bored, because I already knew everything, that was taught. Later I had a deep devotion for playing chess, crushing the teachers in after school day care when I was 9 or 10. Today I still love playing chess or other strategic games, which require logic. I excel at logical intellince tests, as they seem easy and obvious for me. Learning and becoming smarter was always my thing to be good in something, because the other kids had more friends, were better at football etc. Other thing is, that I value truth very much and tend to even speak inconvient truths.

Te: Definetly not my strengh. I used to be scared, what others think of me, later I developed an approach to don't give s**t about, what others think about me, just to gain the ability of learning some kind of self respect. When working scientifically I critisize sources before accepting them. If I think a theoretical approach is bullshit, because it lacks logical integrity or it doesn't feel right, I don't consider it to be worthy of being implemented into work.
While I can be effective, I prefer to do things right instead of effective. I'm kind of a perfectionist.

Ni: This is way mysterious for me. Even though I score high on Ni in cognitive functions test, I can't really relate to it. Maybe I'm using it subconsciously a lot, if I score high on it on every test, but I don't understand it.

Ne: I see the things happening around me with their full meaning. For example, when I see people planning something in secret, without being able to listen to them, I intuitively know there's something up to happen. Im not asking myself "What do they do?", because I know, I ask myself "What are they planning?" "Should I warn their enemies?" or "Should I be prepared?" if I think it has something to do with me and continue observing until I'm more aware. I intuitively see the relationships between people by their body language, I think about the big picture of the being, not just working with facts, but looking for facts to support my view about my environment, the society, the world, everything. I think about the roots and consequenses of capitalism, power, laws. I try to figure out how god could be involved in everything, what his plan is. I want to know everything. Really everything, not only the things people can see and prove, which in my perspective is basically nothing.

Si: This is tricky, because I have a master memory, remembering everything that's important for me, not just for years, but until now like forever. On the other hand, I forget things, that seem less important to me and surely would have forgot my legs in the bar, if they weren't attached to my body. I prefer to learn things on my own, and am more into stimulating my senses through reading or listening to music.

Se: Every cognitive function test I took told me I'm not using it. So lets see. I'm clumsy, I don't like rollercoasters, I don't like extremely loud music. If it's for sports, I love doing it, but I'm not very talented and prefer playing position, where concentration and strategy is more important, than athleticism, or I directly do sports which stimulate my desire of physical pain like American Football or Martial Arts (Is this an Si thing, or just unhealthy). When someone tells me "The world is no playhouse", I reject it by saying "I know, I'm not stupid, but that still doesn't mean it's right"

So what are your approaches on this? If I think about it, aside from Ne, Fi and Ti look to me both as strongely developed which makes it hard for me to type without personality tests, which also often see me as borderline INF/TP. Am I defining something wrong, or is it common to develop functions which should be at the bottom of the stack in a way someone gets comfortable using it? I myself are leaning towards F, but 10 years ago I probably would've way more seen me as a T. Which let's still doubts stand there. I would really like you're opinions.


New member
Oct 14, 2018
I usaully follow the I vs E or N vs S instead of the Fi vs Fe or Ti vs Te because it more confusing that saying wither N or S. But from the way you sounded in the intro is definetly ENFP, from the fact you said you don't have a problem approaching people.