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I would really appreciate your typing about me


Jan 1, 2016
Hello I’m a 31 year old male living in Germany. I don’t have anything which might have an
affect on this test. English is not my native english so it could come down to some weird
translation. Please question me if you dont understand a thing.
In my past I did something similiar and got many different results which type I am. Right now
my tests hint me more towards ENFP, INFP, INFJ, INTP. Funny enough in this above
mentioned similiar question and answer test I got alot „you must be a sensory type“ and
therefore most often ISFP and ISFJ was said, but all my test hint me towards an Intuition type.
But what do I know.

What do you deem as your purpose in life?
That’s a good question and for me it is to enjoy the time i have in my life with my wife. I don’t
have the need to leave a mark on this world. I also would like to get children and watching
them growing up and maybe can be a child with them again a bit, seems enjoyable alot.

Of the seven deadly sins, which one do you relate tot he most and the least and why?
I relate the most with sloth because im kinda lazy. I like to walk down the easiest path. I
never did homework in school and luckily went somehow through. It’s not that I don’t like
working, but I really value my freetime and like to get compensated for my work or it’s a
theme which really sparks my interest.
I relate the least to Greed because I don’t have the desire to get rich or have luxury things.
Sure it’s not something I would despise if somewhat give it to me but I know that I got the
luck to be born in a 1st world country and live a comfortable life and tbh that’s all I ever could
asked for.

Analyzing your relationship with others, briefly describe:
The type of people you are drawn to.
Here comes the first question where I’m not sure if what I‘m telling here is the truth, because
I think it’s something I do subconsciously. My first answer which came to my mind is that I
don’t feel drawn to anyone especially. Reviewing my past friendships, which changed alot in
my life I would say that I often were friends with outcasts and/or nerds who shared my
interests at that time and place and my humor.

The type of people who are drawn to you.
I often surprise people because often types they mistyped my character. This happens most often if someone is not talking to me and/or knows me just superficial.
Although I think they are often times not used to my personality. I'm very honest. I don't try to gather attention or try to blend in. I have a dark humour and like sarcasm.
I'm often described as mischievous/roguish (not in a bad way).
So there are mosten times people who like this mysterious side funny side of me or people who don't like me because I don't act like they think someone should.
The first group is drawn to me. People who stay in my life really like my honest but roguish side. I guess it's the contrast.

The type of people you are repulsed by.
People who think they are above someone and could behave like they want.

People who think they are always right even so they don’t look on thing at different angles
and are narrowminded.

People who twist the truth to be in the right and (that is important!) believe their own twist
heartfully. What I mean is that people who lie for the sake of themselves but know it’s a lie
are not good people for me but I guess that’s a valid tactic for some out there and if they do it
on a genius way I even admire it to some degree.
No what I mean are people who trick themselves in believing something thats not true. I know truth is often times subjectives.
But if someone starts to attack another one verbally and then say this person should not have asked for trouble.
Thats something where i have to shake my head in disbelief. Hope this is understandable enough.

What are the traits in others that you admire but you cannot emulate yourself?

People who have a specific vision and stick to it like glue. They do step by step and after a
long time they can harvest their hard work. I think the term is called perserverance.

Describe you relationship with the following:

Wow this is by far the hardest point and I will try my best

I’m not often that angered sure I dislike some behaviour you will read in some questions here
and maybe rant sometimes but anger is for me more like wrath and thats something that not
often occurse. But when it does ist really furious. Then a deep value has been massively

Hmm.. there were some things that happened in my teenage years which I could be very
ashamed of but my memory isn’t the best which for this part is really benefitable.

A long time it was my greatest fear to be and die alone. I’m not someone who needs a lot of
people but I really need an SO. It’s like I am two different persons as a single or in a

It‘s all I ever wanted and I have it right now.

I despise conflict but if someone wants it I’m down for it. But I don’t want some long lasting
bullshit going on I want to clear it now. Be it through discussion or a physical brawl.
I mention the physical brawl because in the world of a male that is sometimes something that happens and my
job involves this sometimes too. But I really would not like to go that path.
In my childhood i often had a big brawl once a year.
Often times it started not because of me but some bullies tried to bully a friend of mine.
There were some were they tried it on me because i were never big in size
but thats something all of them regretted. It’s a long time ago and today there are obvious
other ways to disclose problems but I mentioned it because it was a big part of my childhood.
Conclusion is that I try to avoid conflict and live in harmony but not at the cost of my values
and integrity.

What are some of the themes that have played a prominent role in your life?
One theme throughout my life is my lovelife. My motto is „the story of my life, is the story of
my heart“. So each of my relationships were very important for me and it was always
important to be in one. Not for the sake to be in one but to really feel happiness.

Another big theme was the point after my school life. I barely got my technical college
certificate which i got together with my training as an information technology assistant. I was interested in the IT-field and got good grades at first because I was
interested and then after i didn’t feel interested and wasn‘t so happy about it anymore it
fall downwards. I somehow made it but I was left with more questionmarks with what to do in
my life.
I then took a 2 month vacation to America where i had a great time. Especially in a
10-day period where i visited the westcoast and timewise it was so filled that i barely got
sleep and was so overwhelmed with new expressions and made many acquaintances, I
loved it.
Many years later I went on a 1 month vacation to New Zealand where i travelled alone with a
car. Although it was sometimes a bit lonely and I was sad that I couldn‘t share some amazing
viewsights and stories I had it was very valuable for me and a great journey.

What is your area of work/study? Why did you choose this and would you change it? If
so, what would be your ideal?

So after my graduation it took almost a year to find a work place where I wanted to work. So I
had some knowledge in IT but didn’t want to work in this area atleast not in depth.
I moved out to another city about 600 kilometres (372 miles).
I guess I just needed something new. I started a training as a retail clerk in the electronic industry.
It was 1 day in school and 4 at work. Same behaviour as always at first i really got good grades because it interested
me but after awhile it really got boring. My grades were still somehow good because it really wasn’t too hard but I had many absent days.
At work my behaviour was definitely better because somehow its something different for me
and I try not to lack there but after 2 years I knew I couldn’t do the job for the rest of my life.
I still worked one year after finishing my training in this field and applicated on the training to
be a police officer. Here i beforehand I had some thoughts about my future and wanted
something where i get more of a constantly change. Something which is not monotonous.
You know even if i don’t want to be a standard cop anymore i still could go to some other areas,
but more on that later.

The second point for me was that my workplace was safe (what I
mean is ist close to impossible to get fired) and my pension was good so that i wouldn’t have
to worry about that field at anytime in the future.

The third point is that before as a retailer I was on the side
where my customer always was right and I had to be nice to them even if their behaviour
wasn’t something I would normally tolerate.
So now on the other side if someone doesn’t behave like he should as a normal human being I would have some tools to show some of
the consequences his behaviour lead to. I didn’t had the illusion like many others had to do
work for some „higher“ goal.

Training was about 3 years long living in the barracks. Fast forward like always at first I got
good grades and had high enthusiasm, but then it went downhill again but again somehow I still made it.
Something was different this time. I really loved to getting in my job I just wasn’t into the
training anymore and all the theoretical concepts. I also didn’t like to live in the barracks (do
you say it like that?). I needed my free space. I was constantly with some people except at
weekends where everyone went home and it was draining.

So ok I finished my training and started my work as a normal police officer. I had some ups
and downs. I really liked my job and still do but it was very dependent on who my colleagues
and my boss were. This enviromental is hierarchical to some degree. Sometimes more
sometimes less. I guess I don’t have a problem with that if my work gets recognised and I
have a good working environment. Like I said some ups and down.

Today I‘m not on the street anymore. I am in the IT sector and do some work there and I am
still sometimes involved in some operations. Both of the worlds combined I guess and I like
I’m not sure if this is my „dream job“ or if my dream job ever exists. But I know for my
future that if i dislike my current environment I still can go to somewhere else, e.g. going to the water police or be a canine officer (just some example so far I like it here).
Knowing that I’m not stuck is such a relieve.

When meeting a new person, what do you tend to focus on?
I really don’t know. I guess I try to analyze and categorize this person. Valuing if this person
is „worth it“ to get to know better. I mean sure every person is in his own world unique but
some personalities are just repeating. Also I valuate how I should behave in his presence.
It takes awhile to show my real self. Because of this behaviour I often times I get described as
distant or shy. But all I do is to analyze and evaluate the situation. I still try to be open and
friendly to any new person, but my first face is probably in thinking mode.

How do you feel about humanity as a whole?
What do you feel are some oft he biggest problems the human race faces and why?

The biggest problem humanity face ist he human itself. The human even after thousands of
years and many wars is selfish. I really don’t believe the human per se is bad or good. I just
don‘t think highly of the average person. It’s often times not even his fault. The society
formed the most of us and shaped alot of our values. Getting rich, getting attention, get
revenge on their broken honor. All the things people would do very much to achieve. Starting
wars, ignoring environment for own benefit and so on. The human is so focused on oneself
that it disregards any impacts it has on others. I mean I’m not an exception. It’s always easy
to not see things and to live by the standards someone is accustomed by. I’m an average
human too and I’ve got some values and standards from our society aswell but what me seperates from some others i despise is that I don't want to be selfish at the cost of another person.
"live and let live"

What are some of your hobbies and interests?
Gaming, board-games, Pen & Paper, reading fantasy books mostly (more audiobooks lately),

How do you usually „hang out“ with your friend(s)? When answering, think about what
activities you tend to choose, whether you hang out with one person at once or many,
whether or not you initiate the interaction.

With my wife which I would describe as my best friend we often hang out leisurely, cuddle and just
have fun. We are often goofy and thats my prefered way of spending my time.
When I spend time with other friends we often play boardgames or Pen&Paper and discuss a
lot of things which happened because we only see us once a month or 2 month.
Other than that I often game online with some acquaintance I have (to say friend ist to much
after never seen in real life and other situations)

Ist 50/50 who initiate interaction. It’s really something I don’t know.

What is more important, action or words? Why?
To be honest I might not be the prime example but I guess actions are more important.
Through actions you can see the true character of a person. Everybody can say to behave
like this or that in some situations. But to really do it is on a whole other level.
It takes energy to perform most actions and little to none to talk about something.
Don’t get me wrong I believe words are some of the strongest weapon a human can have
but in actions I see the true character of someone.

Oh dear, you’ve been cursed by a witch! It‘s ok though, you get a choice on which
curse you will receive. Will you choose…
a) To never be able to experience the sensation of taste
b) To be immortal
c) To lose your memories
d) To be poor for the rest of your life
e) Or to never experience passion
Elaborate on why!

I guess I take a. I want to first elaborate why I’m not choosing the other options.

I think immortality is the worst curse here. Maybe it will be fun at the start to see different
decades but at some point I truly believe you psych out. You are bored to death, your loved
ones all died (maybe multiple times through your life till you reach that point), you might be
apathetic have a death wish but you can’t die. You don’t have a will to life. You don’t fear
consequences and do what you want with a broken morality code. You might get prisoned
and get even more depressive. Someone be it a state or an organisation could find out
about your immortality and you could be dissected and tested on many thing i an inhuman way.

Also I’m already not good with my memories I find the imagination horrible of having
Alzheimer. Of course me as a person wouldn’t suffer that much, but everyone else around
me would suffer alot. If it’s not alzheimer we are talking about but rather losing past
memories and remembering new memories I’m tempted to take this. It would really be sad to
don’t have some memories of my wife and that’s where I hesitate. Everything else is alredy
blurry in my mind and although I know in general what happened in my life it’s more of a
summary in my brain. Fellings and details are somehow not present anymore.

To be poor for the rest of my life would be sad aswell. Sure it depends how we define poor
but coming from not being poor to be poor is really hard in contrast to always being poor and
not knowing what it means to be not poor. The everyday struggle and stress would be really
hard. I also enjoy travelling and it would be in total contrast of my goal living a comfortable

Last but not least to never experience passion ist just plain horrible. I am a person who often
get very passionate about one topic. Sure most often it burns down like a candle. But man
the feeling and energy you get from deepdiving a new topic you found is just stunning.

I‘m not a gourmet and I eat alot of unhealthy food (this damn industry sugar). There are a lot
of healthy foods who I don’t like. So if I dont taste anything maybe that could turn in a better
lifestyle. Thats why I choose a.

What do you hope to avoid being? I fit helps, describe a person who embodies what
you avoid/you as a villain, ect.

Ok I really dont like imposter who show off in the public/instagram/tv show and so on what a
good and rich life they have. Showing everybody how perfect their life is. It’s like they want to
show everyone that they won the game of life which is something I don’t think of something
you can win or loss. I see misguided sheeps there who possible misguide more sheeps and
let other people feel bad about themselves. It’s like their whole life is build on social status
and power. What does these two traits say about the personality.

How do you relate to obsession? Do you tend to „merge“ with others or your
interests? How do you feel about the idea of doing this?

I really don’t understand this question.

Organized or messy? Plans and blueprints or impulses and surprises? What are your
preferences and tendencies?

I’m definitively messy, but my Desktop and my mails are contrary to that mostly organized
and although I might have a lot of tabs open (sometimes over 20), I’ll try always to close
them back to a single digit. There are always some tabs open about a topic or a manga I want
to come back later to read it. I guess 3-5 tabs are normal because of this and the rest are
tabs opened because I research about a specific topic. During my research I often jump to
another question related to the research or atleast arised from that research and have to
open another tab to immediately answer this question. By the way I jump so much between
these questions here. Sometimes even in the middle of a sentence because I remembered
something want to add to another question. Sometimes I don’t know to answer a question
and stop to just come back later to it after I got some more insights.

For the second question I’ve found a good analogy. Do you know this coloring
book where you have to connect the dots to get an image or where you have to colorize
some parts about an image. I guess thats how I like it and how I plan my vacations. I have a
construct what I want to do and where to go but which color I use at which time in which
segment is spontanously and I often don’t know it beforehand. Could be also applied to which
dots I connect first and so on.

How do you subjectively view comfort and how do you create comfort in your life and

Doing what I like to do whenever I want. Unfortunately this leads to having a hard time with
repetitives tasks like household chores and so on. I’ll try to get the most out of some
situations. Lately I left the city for the countryside. At the end of the day my wife and I have
more of a quality environment, more money because we pay less and bigger housing space.
So this quality will be reinvested in ourselves like going on some long walks with a better
sight. Having more room to stuff in more gear. Can spend the money on more thing we both
like e.g. vacations. Later on when we get a child it will all get these things aswell and in our
eyes will have a better environment to grow up. The less stress the more the comfort. So
reducing negative stress is a priority to create more comfort.

There is something I want to add aswell because I think thats something that could help. Oftentimes I'm very long awake because I research on a topic.
The last days it were definitely mbti. When I go to bed at e.g. 1 am in the morning I'm still on the phone to read something.
Then i lay the phone away because I'm really tired till the point my mind gets a question. Then I have to get the phone back to google it. This happens so long till I just fall asleep.

So I would like to thank everyone who read till this point. Sorry that I often used filler and/or the same words. To write that much and to be so introspective is not a normal task for me.
It really was exhausting for me and it took several hours. I would prefer to be in a conversation with someone about this whom i've built some chemistry beforehand. Feel free to ask me any additional question.
I also would like to thank every future reply and I would appreciate it if you could say atleast one sentence why you believe I'm this or that type. It even would help me to say I*m definitely not XXXX type.