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How do you see your functions personified?

Saturnal Snowqueen

LL"s Atom Bomb Baby
Jan 9, 2019
Instinctual Variant
Do you ever picture your functions as characters? This is how I picture mine:

Fi: I imagine a pixie, silver in color, and carrying a crystal wand. Fragile, but also stubborn and moody. Often hiding somewhere unexpected. Wishes she could spread a little magic...

Ne: I imagine him as a young sailor, carrying a lantern and searching curiously to unlock mysteries. A bit shy, but also spritely and sharp minded.

Si: I picture a girl that looks kinda like Matilda Wormwood. Hair with a ribbon, a blue dress with stockings and boots, and a brimmed hat. Huge bookworm, often found reading a book under a tree. Always carrying a locket around her neck.

Te: He's an angsty dude, always mad at the world. Gruff looking, short spiky hair, big boned dude. Throws Gordon Ramsay-esque insults at everyone. Despite this, treats ladies like ladies. Likes to show off how strong he is and turns everything into a competition.


Poking the poodle
Apr 6, 2015
Instinctual Variant
A bunch of people crying in a plastic bag until they suffocate while smiling is every function


i'm ready, aim and fire
Sep 20, 2017
Instinctual Variant
Se: A badass martial artist in a ninja outfit who throws knives. Has short spiky black hair, almond shaped eyes, never smiles. Introverted despite being super observant of his surroundings and takes things for what they are, blunt communication that cute straight to the point. A bit intimidating, but means well.

Fi: Kind of looks like Marceline/Marshall Lee from Adventure Time, a gender neutral version. Short "emo" black hair and bangs, pale skin. Definitely an artist, very interested in painting and playing guitar. Cries too much and gets paralyzed in their feelings though, which can get annoying. A bit of a pushover but gets passive aggressive.

Te: A tall business lady who likes organizing things and getting shit done, but can be very rigid and anal about everything. Judgmental with unrelenting standards. She's kind of a tomboy and wears men's business suits and her hair up in a bun. Has glasses and never smiles.

Ni: It's not a person, but a black hole that keeps speaking to me in a deep, foggy voice and telling me about how the world will just keep going to shit and there is nothing I can do to change that, and trying to convince me that I have no future.
Dec 28, 2016
Instinctual Variant
Fi: Very emotional, like, very. Cries for a long time about everything. If we cry it out we'll feel better. We're processing our emotions. It's healthy. The world needs a good cry and a big hug. I wish magic was real. I can't decide anything until I figure out how i feel about it. I have a whole internal monologue of a reply going on inside my head but i wont share any of it with you because i dont know how to do that. If i dont like it im not doing it.
Si: The embodiment of comfort and familiarity, sentimental. Everything you ever loved as a child lives here. The ultimate safe space, nothing can hurt you when you're here. Everything is just how you left it, nothing was thrown away. Not even that random doodle you made in second grade that has no significance whatsoever.
Te: Crazy cleaning lady. Everything has to be in its place. Cleans when stressed, cleans as a coping mechanism. Lots of cleaning. Can't figure out how to get life together so time to clean.

Ne: Always fascinated by everything, constantly asking why to the point of annoyance I'm sure. Adventurous, curious, always thinking of something random even if the timing isnt appropriate. Constantly daydreaming about everything ever imaginable. Spacey. Zones out a lot. Very geeky, sunshiney happy. Time to get passionate about item 2,497 and then never go anywhere with it despite Te's best efforts.