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[Traditional Enneagram] Help Classifying myself


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Sep 6, 2020
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Hey y'all,
I'm fairly new to the Enneagram, only having discovered it in the past few months. I'm pretty sure that I'm a 7;every test I take gives me some variant of 7, except for one that gave me 6w5 (go figure) .Most of the time I get 7w6, but the ranked preference types I've taken have listed 8 as my second highest-scoring type instead, which I interpret as 7w8. As if that wasn't confusing enough, all the descriptions for both wing-types are kind of a stretch for me; I enjoy a healthy debate which would suggest an 8 wing but I'm not a pushy person. At the same time, I can be extremely impractical having good manners is something I value highly in people (and I react very negatively to bad manners) , which suggests a 6 wing to me, but I find people who are obsessed with rules in other areas of life pedantic and annoying (no offense intended for any 6s). FWIW I try to answer each question in each test as honestly as possible. I should add though that my understanding of the wing is that it is the "method", or mechanism that you subconsciously use to rationalize your behaviors in terms of your core motivation. For example,7w6 fills their life with pleasure and simultaneously eliminates obstacles pleasure to by following a set of rules that they devise (which may or may not be based on other people's rules), whereas a 7w8 removes these obstacles through conflict (albeit the kind of conflict that they find pleasureable/stimulating). Please tell me if this is incorrect.
Even though it's more comprehensive I also feel like tri-type theory muddies the search for one core motivation by having 3 centers instead of just one, because theoretically if you have wings and stress/security personalities for each center you could theoretically have aspects of all 9 types, couldn't you? I feel like this isn't very helpful if you're using the enneagram for personal growth, and/or trying to get to the root of whatever burdens you carry around. Incidentally, I feel like some of my rationalizations for my behavior are more commonly associated with 2s and 3s, which tri-type theory doesn't allow for. For this reason I'm inclined toward the instinctual subtype theory.

Basically, and I know this is a lot for one thread, I'm asking for your help in classifying myself according to whatever theory (wing, tri-type, or instinctual) you think best expresses the intent of the enneagram, and clarifying anything any misconceptions I may have about any of the theories. Any and all input is appreciated :)

Because of this perceived mismatch, I'm drawn to the instinctual subtype theory, which I know isn't highly regarded by very many enneagram users, because I feel like my behaviors and rationalizations that link the "malleability of a 3 in that I take on aspects of the personalities of those I interact with for the sake of "fitting in", because I usually derive pleasure through social interactions. But this can stress and/or anger me if it engenders qualities that conflict with my 7 base nature. I also enjoy taking care of people, which causes many people to mistype me as a two. I do this to remove obstacles to pleasure, and because when I make other people happy I can feed off of it in turn, if that makes sense.