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Hawks [ENTP] - The Sarcastic, Witty Bird Guy, Perceptive Agent, My Hero Academia MBTI


Feb 21, 2013
As usual I have to share this with TypologyCentral too. Enjoy the post as usual and thanks for the support.

It's time for us to talk about our favorite bird boy today. Hawks, the new sarcastic and funny ENTP on the block. I just finished my Ochako ENFP posts a few hours ago and posted it with good reception, debate, and discussion from people, I'll leave the post link down below. So now lets move onto to our favorite bird guy himself with a short post on Hawks from My Hero Academia.


I got the Pro Hero arc on again right now we're he's chastising Endeavor in front of everyone on stage. He's even clapping right now as we speak after putting him on the spot lol. Lol anyways on with the post. Hawk's is a interesting character and ENTP. He's not the only ENTP in this series, he has the inventor kind in Hatsume Mei to follow him there and the dumb one but still ingenious in his own way with the electric Kamanari and sarcasm with him there too.

So yeah, Hawk's is a ENTP. This much is pretty obvious to everyone. He's sarcastic, funny, logical, curious, future oriented, perceptive, loves to mess with people, a sweet talker, gets bored easily, a bit scatterbrained but still focused too, he sees possibilities everywhere, and is good a learning new information and is always reading between the lines and finding out the truth with his Ne and Ti.

Hawk's is used as a interesting character in the series. He's a double agent and at points you even question what side he's on. But the show and series itself reanswers that question not soon after your guessing. You can't mention Hawk's without his association with his best buddy the king abusive ESTJ dad that is Endeavor. They have a great dynamic and interesting Batman and Robin dynamic going there with leader and sidekick. But despite that Hawks is very much his own character. You can also depend on him and him to get the job done with something, everyone looks up to him and he's a very smart and witty guy that people love and look up too.

He's a natural born hero and rose through the ranks very easily and is seen as upcoming prodigy hero with his introduction and all the records he had broken. Hawk's sarcasm is hilarious and amusing to watch and he always entertains the audience when he's on screen and opens his mouth. In fact to some that might be whats the problem with him, as he talks too much to some people and their eyes, including Endeavor having that opinion in that camp. Despite that criticism he's a very loveable guy and character and is the embodiment of sarcasm. He's a character that's new but somehow became a main staple and instantly popular as soon as he's introduced in both the manga and the anime, you probably know those kinds of characters. The Law's, Mirkos, Vegetas, Zoros and so on. Instantly popular with everyone as soon as their introduced and well loved by the fans and fanbase. Hawk's has a big role both now and in the future of the story and he's a amazing and interesting ENTP anime character for sure. It's pretty cool to see such a pretty cool ENTP character like this, he's also I forgot to say really laid back and wants heroes to eventually have too much time on their hands as his dream he said.

But anyways I'm done, I feel I have nothing else to say. This post doesn't have to be a long one, just a short and fun post discussing the greatness and cool factor of Hawk's as a character made by Kohei Horikoshi the man himself and genius brain behind this amazing story. So now then, what do you think of Hawks? How do you think of him as ENTP character? What's your opinion of him, and what do you think of his character overall and were do you predict him going. Tell me all your thoughts and of him down below. I'm interested and will await everyone responses. Thanks for reading this far and thank you all for the support as always.

This post is a great ENTP post on anime ENTPs here, so feel to check it out and no wonder Hawks makes the list too. to no one's surprise:

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