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[Other/Multiple Enneatypes] Gut types head types and heart type


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Jan 27, 2015
Instinctual Variant
Gut types: Out of all the ennegram types of enneagram, they are the most moralistic and can be kind of stubborn at times when it comes to their viewpoints. Also you notice that they are between the head type and heart type. The reason why they are between them is because they got brains,but at the same time they are not overly analytical and they got faith, and they do have a heart like heart types or image types, but they know how to be themselves unlike heart types. The biggest blunder of a lot of gut types is that a lot of them forgets what it likes to be in touch with their humanity. That's why when 1s integrate to a 7, they start to explore the world in ways that they have never imagine. When 8s integrate to a 2, they start being in touch with their nice side. When 9s integrate to a 3, they start getting out of their comfort zone and engage the world.

Head types: Some of the smartest people that you have met is head types. They are very knowledgable and they are very good at strategizing. A lot of sixes use their knowledge to keep the world safe. A lot of 5s use their wisdom to prepare for catostraphe and long-term strategy. A lot of 7s use their knowledge to entertain people and see the good in the world. The biggest weakness of head types is that they do not know how to trust their gut due to all the knowledge that they have accumulated over the years, and a lot of them they do not have no faith. Think about migi from parasyte, toward the end of the series, he started integrating to an 8 by taking a chance that he know that theres a possibility of him dying. Soul eater, moka,when she punch that dude in the face, she started becoming more confident in herself and trusting her gut, whether it was right or not. She is a 6 integrating to a 9. Then you got goku from dbz, remember him changing his iconic clothes, that represents him integrating to a 5, ready to teach.

Heart types
Of all the enneagram types, they are the most creative and you can tell that they put their heart and soul into their music, into heart and so on. They can caring people. 2s are known for their compassion,3s are known for making it look like they got it all, and 4s are known for standing. One of the biggest weaknesses for heart typoes in generasl is that they do not know how to be themselves. Enneagram 2s are fake, 3s are vain and tries to get satisfaction out of their accomplishment s and 4s are not confident people. A good example of 2 to a 4 is Francine Smith runo from bakugan, when she was battling Lars lion and she starts being herself. Captain Quark from ratchet and clank, letting of his vanity toward the end of the movie. Raven from teen Titans, watch the last couple episodes of teen Titans,that is all got to say.