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Great Six Plus Five Mutiple Intelligence: Traits People Look for in Natural Leaders


Sep 24, 2017
The Great Six is inspired by the titles for the Big Five. They are characteristics people naturally look for in leaders. The Intelligence Temperament is also added as a bonus.

Leadership Characteristics or Traits​
Open to new ideas, perspectives, and ways of thinking; viewing intellectual challenges as different ways of viewing things instead of as mental handicaps
Continuous Learning
Interest in becoming an expert in a subject area, and constantly building one's knowledge-base
Respectful and Understanding of Different People
Is kind, understanding and respectful to everyone, irrespective of race, social class, economic class, or family background; being able to play with everyone
Well-liked by Others
Is well-liked by relatives, colleagues, and fellow students or classmates; enlightening or brightening people's day with enthusiasm, care and attention; having self-belief and self-respect, besides understanding the uniqueness of others
Considerate of Others
Respect opinions and knowing others' needs and motivations; attentive and considerate of people's expectations, convenience, comfort, safety, well-being, family; "wishing people to find the love of their life"
Continuous Improving
Interest in exploring new ways of doing things, improving one's knowledgebase or skill, through continuous creation; also knowing "there is a right way to do anything".

Multiple Intelligence Types​
Energy Sensitivity Intelligence
Know what to do under what circumstance, like knowing when to say thank you, sorry, lo siento, or excuse me, as well as not to steal, rob, etc.
Emotions Sensitivity Intelligence
Know what to say and how to dress to impress, as well as being well-versed in body language and personality reading
Memory-based Intelligence
Able to deduct ideas to their basic elements, and having a strong recall for information or knowledge
Analysis-based Intelligence
Able to figure out why one thing is better than another, under what circumstances that applies, and deduce the reason behind problems
Logic-based Intelligence
Able to know what comes after what, in a series of cause-and-effect

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