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Frenetic kineticist


Self sustaining supernova
Feb 12, 2009
I want to be able to do these things:
  • Pullups
  • Vertical pushups
As well as gain in these departments:
  • Muscle definition
  • Flexbility
Muscle gain is not specifically a goal, but I'm sure a bit will occur as a side effect.

Weekly vehicles for all o' this:
  • 3 one hour-long weight sessions (which can be split into upper body/lower body sessions)
  • 2 occurrences of me doing something I enjoy (Martial arts, practicing acrobatics, swimming) for ~30 minutes during the weekdays
  • 1 occurrence of me doing something I enjoy for a bloody long while on the weekend (Bikram yoga or hiking or somesuch) - this'll normally take an hour and a half or so

If I don't quote it I'll have to keep finding it as this bit goes along... :ninja:

Same with my workouts. :laugh:

Last week (8/31-9/4):
  • Weight lifting x1, upper body
  • Weight lifting x1, lower body
  • Weekend activity which involved hours upon hours of running around the deep woods of rural Washington near the base of Mt. Ranier.