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Everything is Personality and Time: Personality is how Energy are Differentiated; Time is how they are related or relative to each other


Sep 24, 2017
It's mentioned that Time runs both forwards and backwards, like on a Moebius Strip. Forward running time manifests as the energy plane, and Backwards running time manifests as the physical plane. Wisps, which physically manifest as fire and lightening, has access to both forward and backwards time plane, though needs to be associated with the physical to stay in the present time-space frame.

Personality is how the Energy are differentiated. Without personality, everything would look at feel the same. Time is how the different personalities are relative to each other. Because the Universe is holographic in nature, and so is the mind, this relativity on the emotional-energetic sphere is multi-dimensional, like how each ether is associated with its own Multiple Universe, coming with the different Emotional Repression Releases.

The human brain also works in holographic form, with the psychic modalities and intuitive preferences gathering information, and the brain translating that information into words the person can understand.

Numbers can also be associated with personality, and interestingly, Angel Numbers and their manifestations in physical form can also describe the myriad beauty and artistic designs that are available to observe. Enneagram and Natural Numbers are two systems using Angel Number Manifestation to describe personality.

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