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ESTP vs ESFP and 8w7 vs 8w9


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Dec 11, 2021
Instinctual Variant
hey guys. Im having some problems typing myself, so I decided to ask you guys weather Im an ESTP or an ESFP. I also dont know if im an 8w7 or an 8w9. Im 100% an 8, but i dont know my wing for sure. I'll list here some of my personality traits so I can help you guys decide. Im also a male SCOEN SLE so/sp Choleric [Dominant] if that helps in anything. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, im just really tired.

- Im an extreme extrovert (if you consider that being an extrovert means feeling energized by external factors, not necessarily people)
- I dont care weather Im alone or not. As long as I can enjoy myself I'll be fine, but I dont like feeling lonely
- I dont like to dwell on unlikely possibilities. I like to know what to expect so I can prepare myself for it, but i dont like to know every possible outcome of a given situation
- I have absolutely 0 emotional empathy (i may have some kind of disorder). I never feel sorry for other people, nor do I ever feel the need to help them, although Im always protective of those who are very close to me, and I also always try to be altruistic for them. Especially (and probably only) my bf
- even though I have 0 emotional empathy, Im usually good at guessing what other people are thinking/feeling in group settings. The opposite happens when Im in one-to-one settings
- Im a social person, although I usually dont initiate conversations with strangers, unless theyre interesting
- Im very opportunistic. I make plans, and i usually stick to them, but if i see that something else is clearly more profitable, im going for it
- When in front of a problem, i just try to break down the problems components and analyze it so I can form the best/most efficient plan to solve it
- Im more inclined to trust in what makes sense to me weather in facts. Usually, if I dont see it happening, I wont believe it
- Im very direct
- I always try to keep my head cool.
- When i try to be altruistic to the people that I like, I dont really care weather they pay me back or anything. As long as they appreciated it, thats enough for me
- I have a VERY strong sense of duty
- Im (or at least I try to be) stoic
- I sometimes make decisions based on how I feel about them, not on whats more logical or rational or whatever. Like when I decide to be an asshole to people who could be very helpful for me if I just pretended to be nice. I feel like being an asshole to them, so thats what im going to do.
- Im not emotional
- I dont hold grudges (thats only true when someone messes with me, not with the people that are important to me. Like this guy who tried to kiss my bf and even grabbed his ass. My bf told me that while crying. I wasnt there at the moment, but if I was I wouldve skinned that fucker alive. I actually tried to search for him but I didnt find anything. But I swear, if I ever find this dude Im going to kill him)
- I flirt a lot with my bf, but when I wasnt dating him, I would flirt with almost everyone (because I think its fun to do so)
- I dont initiate conflicts with anyone.
- Im pretty chill
- I can sometimes seem a little bit aloof
- I take information without any filter. "It is what it is" is what i think
- Very observant
- Im very ambitious
- Im very hard-headed. Once i decide something, theres NO WAY your going to change my mind (unless im proved to be VERY wrong, or if I see any advantage in pretending that I realized im "wrong")
- Im not afraid to confront people (except my bf, he scary), but I always try not to initiate the conflict. Although sometimes I do it unintentionally (i.e. by making fun of them while expecting they would take it as a joke or something like that)
- Im VERY playful, although I can be serious when I want/need to. I can change from playful to entrepreneurial in a split second
- I like taking risks, but Id rather call them "calculated success"
- I feel like i must stay true to myself as long as im able to, but not at any cost
- Im very aggressive (not in a violent way, but in a crack-head determination way. I mean, i can be very violent if you mess with the people that i love)
- Its easy to anger me, but its very rare for me to lose my mind
- Im very resilient

I think thats enough. If you guys have any more questions, you can ask me as many questions as you like. Thanks!
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Feb 5, 2015
Eight with seven-wing.
Subtype: eight with seven-wing; ESTP
Auxiliary wing: seven with six-wing; ESFP (agenda focused)
Second wing: INFP (mood focused)
Point of stress/disintegration: five with six-wing; INxP (Ambidextrous T and F)
Point of Integration/Neurosis: two with three-wing; ISFJ