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New member
Jun 29, 2018
I believe that I am a 9. But I also have a lot of Type 1 and of a desire to be loved or fear of being unloved.

Below, I talk about my main fears and desires, and traits and behaviors, and motivations.

I am about being nice (polite, gentle, accepting, agreeable, and easygoing), because it is the right thing and because I am truly loving and patient. I value love a lot.

I do not want to appear mean or rude, because it would make me feel bad. I sometimes cannot assert myself or say no because of this. I don’t argue when we disagree, because of this or to get along.

I want to be loved, by being valued as a person and accepted as I am and treated with respect. I often worry about being hated and treated mean. Being loved or hated, in itself, just feels good or bad.

I have an intense fear of conflict or confrontation, especially in which someone blows up or snaps at me, because it is hateful or mean. I try not to annoy or frustrate anyone. Some people lost their temper on me sometimes, many years ago.

I do not like being criticized (if done rudely) because of the meanness. I worry about being left out in certain situations, out of spite.

I was hardly talking at all because I was shy.

I want a lot of time to relax and a slow pace in general. I am unexcitable.

I am like Type 1 in not wanting to be evil or corrupt and wanting to be good. The feeling is strong. I feel a lot of pride in the goodness in me. I would hate to be any of these criminals we hear about. I care about my own morality and not others’ (when bad) except for the impact on victims or the country and then stopping corruption can be urgent. I have been worried about my country. I feel saddened by anyone trying to intimidate anyone who is trying to do the right thing or stand up for what’s right and stand up against evil or injustice. I am not a perfectionist, though. And I do not argue with people.

Your help is appreciated. What’s your opinion of my type?