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[Traditional Enneagram] Each type in two words


Active member
Nov 19, 2008
Each triad has an emotion associated with it, and each type in a triad relates to that emotion in a different way.

The three triads are:
1. Shame
2. Fear
3. Anger

The three ways of relating are:
1. Control
2. Denial
3. Identification


Shame Triad
2. Shame Denial - My shame is not there - everyone needs me, everyone loves me
3. Shame Control - I am ashamed, but shouldn't be - I am successful and accomplished, well-composed, assertive and confident
4. Shame Identification - I am ashamed - I am melancholic, I suffer, something is missing or broken

Fear Triad
5. Fear Control - I am afraid, but shouldn't be - I am intellectual, observant, detached, no-one can get to me
6. Fear Identification - I am afraid - I am loyal, paranoid, concerned, accusing
7. Fear Denial - My fear is not there - I am happy, I am busy, I am distracted, I am unaffected by your misery

Anger Triad
8. Anger Identification - I am angry - I am strong, controlling, unassailable
9. Anger Denial - My anger is not there - I am calm, I don't rock the boat, I am vibing
1. Anger Control - I am angry, but shouldn't be - I am principled, I am controlled, I am right