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Do you guys think that most singer songwriters actually write their own lyrics?


New member
Apr 16, 2021
I know this is childish but I've been having a lot of paranoid thoughts telling me that my favorite singer-songwriters don't write their own lyrics. The thoughts tell me that Conor Oberst and Sufjan Stevens are too good-looking and weird to possibly be good lyricists. How do you know that their interviews aren't all fake and scripted? I have no idea how the music industry works so go easy on me if this is a stupid question.

Doctor Anaximander

Well-known member
Aug 27, 2013
Instinctual Variant
Daniel Johnston, Scott Walker and Syd Barrett are actually still alive and kept captive in a basement where they write songs for all of the pretty boy indie rockers. It’s like a songwriting assembly line comprised of old boomer songwriters who were deemed too fat, ugly and tragically unhip to be allowed solo careers. Runout has it Lennon is still alive and writing songs in a cell in the Tower of London. Bowie may also still be alive and currently writing songs for the next Radiohead album

It won’t be long until Stephen Malkmus is disappeared to one of these songwriting factories