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[NF] Do you care how others feel?


New member
Jul 15, 2008
I'm moderately apathetic. If I don't know you and I feel like talking then I'll give you a strong benefit of the doubt and assume good things and till you prove me otherwise. If I don't feel like talking I'm not intentionally mean but I'll probably be a little cynical and try not to be mean, but I wont invest much energy in either direction. People I do like only have to deal with my introversion. NF's though do have a tendency to bring the niceness out of me a little more if I don't sense its their doing it just to get that reaction out of me.


Senor Membrane
May 22, 2008
I care about others, but I care slightly more about my own well-being. And, I guess me caring can seem like not caring. If someone comes telling me their troubles, I listen but I don't give advice. This is not because I don't care, but because I respect them. They know best what is good for them. If I give an advice, it is something vague, more like a perspective than an advice. Example: A girl tells me she has had enough with her boyfriend. He doesn't speak with her about important stuff. I listen, give my own idea about why the guy might be like that, but I don't tell her to break up or not to. I would feel bad for telling people what to do.