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Do I sound like an Fe or Fi user?


New member
Apr 16, 2022
Am I on the Te-Fi or Fe-Ti axis?

Fe- Ti

I care way too much about what others think of me (low self confidence)
I feel responsible to entertain others when it’s awkward. feels like my fault if everyone is bored.
I’ve been called charismatic before and am very loud amongst friends, but it feels like a performance which leaves me exhausted.
I’m good at making people laugh - (previously, I wasn’t aware of this until friends began to compliment me on it but then I started to feel pressure to make people laugh.)
I am unsure of my own identity because I adapt to what the social situation demands
Can be people pleasing
I’ve been told I give wise and insightful advice
I don’t understand the social rules it seems like everyone else was born with , so I often freak out wondering whether something I said was offensive and would make everyone hate me because I genuinely don’t know what’s right or wrong to say.
I’m very shy, awkward timid and non talkative until I get to know someone really well.
I can’t keep eye contact
I’m definitely an introvert - being around others drains me
I hate comforting people and want to run away whenever people tell me about their problems
I normally don’t understand why people get so emotional over things like short relationships and am not the kind of person to wear my heart on my sleeve
I prefer small groups to one on one interaction
I see people in mental archetypes or boxes I create to understand them better
I help people think of future visions for themselves and find it exciting to brainstorm life paths they could take - if people are repeatedly coming to me for advice and not taking the advice I give them I can get pissed off.
I’m fairly diplomatic

I don’t know what my values are and I am clueless about my identity, but it’s my main mission in life to discover who I am.

I value efficiency over figuring things out - when I learn information I want to know how to apply it rather than knowing it for the sake of just having it there, I search for an objective and ultimate truth and am not comfortable when something is subjective. I gather the opinions of other people to form opinions. Often the opinion of another person on a topic “infects” mine and I can take it on. I generally have more trust in the thought processes of other people than my own. I think my Te shows up in random ways like getting the perfect amount of coffee with a slice of cake so I can be done with both at the exact same time lol. I can also be bossy, especially with younger siblings. I always try to work out the quickest and easiest way to do something so I can move onto the next thing. If i’ve completed a step that doesn’t match with an end goal, I will modify the end goal so the step doesn’t go to waste.

Apparently this is Te but I have a hidden desire for power and hate being perceived as nice, passive or weak. I hate the idea of submission.

I’m driven by a sense of anger which I don’t want to get rid of. My anger gives me passion. I think I value fairness a lot. When I was a kid I raged when I first heard about war lol. I have a very clear memory of it. I got bullied as a kid, but whenever someone said something in my vicinity I would confront them. One time I threw a tomato at someone.

I’m very introspective. I analyse my own thoughts and feelings, I try to understand myself better. I analyse past behaviour, present thoughts- everything about myself really, and I do it well. I have an impeccable self awareness.

Stereotypical - but I can become selfish if I don’t check myself. I’m constantly trying to improve myself and become better.

When I engage in debates I want to be right- that’s the priority for me. I do back down easy if I get proven wrong, though.

People around me get mad at me for not giving them enough attention. I usually want to be alone. I would limit human interaction to 2 hours a day if i had the option lol

I can be kinda rebellious? I guess? I had a few arguments with teachers back at school. About stupid rules, or the way the education system was. The latter especially so, I learnt about marxism and the current political climate pissed me off so badly that I was prepared to argue to prove my point. I argue with people online about their stupid opinions a lot too and can get a little aggressive with it and insult them. But it also feels like i don’t have strong enough opinions to be an Fi user?

Whilst I want to fit in because I feel like an “outsider” I also have a desire to be unique. Hypothetically being called boring or common would be insanely insulting to me


Well-known member
Sep 17, 2014
The Fe stuff sounded like Fe, the Te stuff didn't sound like Te. So I'm voting Fe.

Burning Paradigm

Vibe Curator & Night Owl
May 16, 2020
Instinctual Variant
Fe by a wide margin (like, I mean, at least 3 touchdowns, 6 goals, or 1 billion light-years).