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[MBTI General] Do Guardians have tattoos?


Dec 21, 2013
I had 3 tattoos done when I was 38, one on both deltoid, and one on upper back just below the neck, not visible under clothing.

All are symbol-type, palm-sized tattos in black.

I saw it as an achievement that I should have under my belt, and hoped they would make me more confident or courageous.

In MBTI terms it was an attempt to emulate Se. A colleague coined my attemps to develop myself in the other direction as mid-life crisis.

EDIT: I am an NJ though, I thought the thread was referring to all Js.

Siúil a Rúin

To the waters of the wild
Apr 23, 2007
Instinctual Variant
Tattoos are way more cultural than personality based.

I have two amazing tattoos: a black widow on my front shoulder and an elaborate raven on the opposite back shoulder. They hold deep meaning for me and are works of art - particularly the raven. I chose a really artistically skilled tattoo artist.

The black widow tattoo is in the exact spot i was bitten the year previously and it is an expression of inner strength. I didn't kill that spider because she looked afraid. She was terrified, ran across the floor and tried to hide under the leg of a bench by pulling her little legs in as tight as possible. I scooped her up in a cup and put her outside. I had the most excruciating pain all weekend, and I was struck that something so small and vulnerable could have such an impact. I want to be like her.

The raven is also an identity based entity and something imagine myself into.