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[INFP] Cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness meditation for the INFP?


New member
Jun 9, 2010
Hey guys, new INFP here :)

I literally just spent 50 minutes typing my long story.
I clicked "Preview Post" and realized it was kinda stupid
for so much just to ask a simple question..

Very long story short, I saw a psychologist beginning three
years ago for about eight months because I was very shy
and depressed. She clearly and accurately diagnosed it as
social anxiety. I didn't want meds so she put me on CBT and
mindfulness meditation. I feel now--three years later--I'm more
'TJ', at least more balanced. I'm no longer depressed which is great.

I've been an undrad for six years and have piled $80k in student
loans. My GPA sucks and I'm majoring in psychology. I'm seeing
a pattern that as my "FP" becomes more "TJ" over the years,
I'm increasingly better suited for a higher paying job. It's as if
I'm growing an ability to switch the TJ on and off.. But I'm still
a very strong introvert and beginning to wonder if I'm just idealizing
here.. thinking that "if only I can become more of a thinker and
'doer' I'll get that high paying job I need." ..oh and my plan after
debt is paid off is either career counseling or move to Asia and
teach English :)

So my question: any other INFP's here into personal development
through meditation (Kabat-Zin MBSR-type stuff for those familiar)
and/or some sort of exposure therapy (if you have social anxiety).
How has it worked out for you?


New member
Jan 26, 2008
Height of my social anxiety is when I was more like an INTP/INFP, 5 years ago. Am now ENTP-ish, trying to be more like ENFJ-ish, though failing miserably. Still, I would say that my social anxiety has decreased significantly.

There's no clear shortcut to anxiety but to just mingle with people, hoping to gain confidence from it. Intuitive perceivers are not the type that's most fitted for mingling with people, so there'll always going to be room for mishaps.

What I would suggest first is to mingle with compatible types (ENTPs, etc), then moving on to those that are most uncomfy to interact with (ESFJs?? LOL!)


New member
Sep 15, 2008
Hi nielsen, I've been working on overcoming SA for ..*counts on fingers* 20 months now. I am working on thinking more logically or realistic about things but I don't think I will ever be anything other than INFJ somehow. True, I may be acting more extraverted than I used to but I don't think I will ever become 'an extravert'. And that's fine with me!

Good work by the way, overcoming SA is no picnic...


Mamma said knock you out
Jul 29, 2007
No, it's really not a picnic. Congrats. I couldn't tell you how it's done.

I do have social anxiety. I've sought treatment for it, because it has contributed to me becoming depressed and seeing little hope for the future. I noted the similar course we seem to have experienced.

My question is, why are you asking about how effective certain treatments have been for people? Do you know what helped you? What treatment did you undergo? Are you exploring further treatment options, thinking you can further improve upon your social anxiety?