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Chie Satonaka (ENFP) Ne dom and Fi Aux User - Persona 4 MBTI


Feb 21, 2013
Chie Satonaka MBTI ENFP - Persona 4 MBTI Types

Chie ENFP - Persona 4 Myers-Briggs Typings

Chie is definitely a ENFP girl in my opinion from observing already and I wanted to explain why and all her functions from watching her in the game and to clear up some ESFP, ESFJ, and ESTP mistypes I've been seeing of her online in my opinion. Some places do have her as ENFP though so its not everyone, so here's my opinion and take on why Chie is a ENFP girl and uses Ne, Fi, Te and Si as a ENFP in the game Persona 4 with evidence and explanation of her personality traits, behaviors, and character. Hope you enjoy the read.

Chie is happy go lucky, innocent, curious, indecisive, imaginative and a very quirky person and energetic girl. She's very bubbly and curious of the world around her with her Ne and loves asking questions and reading between the lines all the time. She said "What's that?" and went over and was curious about the crime scene and led them the group over there. She's very talkative and always full of energy. She's also very intuitive and loves looking beneath the surface with things and is a very curious person with her Ne and questions everything around her and with people and wonders alot about things on whats going on behind the scenes in the game with her dom Ne. She loves mysteries, rumors, and strange things that sound interesting to her which is most things in general with her Ne curiosity and especially gets excited about and curious of these that sound extra strange and interesting to her. She gets very excited about new ideas with her Ne and is very curious about strange things again with her dom Ne, we see this clearly and her Ne interest of things when she brings up the Midnight Channel.

She explains you look into a TV turned off at midnight on a rainy night and then said the rumors said your soul mate appears in the screen after its done. Her Ne gets extremely excited about this concept and idea and rumor she heard and she gets excited by the idea to do it herself with no hesitation, no matter how strange or unrealistic it sounds. Yosuke roasts her for saying it and thought she would say something useful in his words and he's confused on how she can get all excited about such a childish urban legend in his words, which is probably a sad common thing ENFPs heard before in their life with how there childlike wonder and personalities are and how driven there Ne is to things and the interesting there Ne gets them so interested in along with their Fi driving further to do it and pursue their eccentric interests along with their Te. She gets offend and disappointed in him and says "Childish!? You don't believe it do you?" He says of course he doesn't to her and then she says and responds, "Let's all try it out, then you'll see." Her Te is driven to get the goal done and be efficient and try it later today since its raining tonight and she doesn't want to waste anytime and wants to do it as soon as she can to see if its real or not, and her Ne obviously sees the possibility to do this idea and action and she doesn't second guess the possibility of this supernatural thing working at all, and also her Fi believes in her heart this could work if they try too.

When she hears your TV story and how you put your hand in she says that some really interesting dream even if she doesn't believe because it doesn't sound real, her Ne still entertains it and is interested strongly is such a fascinating story real or not. We see Chie's Si come out even her Si is low and she's not the most detailed and is a bit spontaneous and forgetful as a Si inferior user, she does use Si pretty well despite the weakness and remembers details and past experiences pretty good as a Si user. Her Ne questions out loud is her soulmate a girl? And what's that supposed to mean? Then she proceeds to use her Si right after when she says and remembers the the details of what she saw last night about the girl on TV that appeared. When she tried the TV method last night she described the details she remembered rather well in such a short time when she said I saw a girl on the screen and her hair was brown, about shoulder length, and she was wearing a school uniform, and..." She explained what she saw and remembered in great detail with her Si more than anyone here, Yosuke wasn't able to get as detailed even if he says it was the same girl since his TV screen was blurry but despite that I imagine Chie description would have been the most detailed explanation anyway from her memory and Si she used her, even if I suspect Yosuke is probably a Si user too and probably also ENFP but only male, but more on him later. I need more time with him to analyze to decide.

The main character is a INXP, but you didn't chime in or say anything on what you saw cause your quiet, new to school, and a introverted silent protagonist in your case, but if you did speak I bet you would have gave a very detailed Si response as well if not more so. Chie is again emotional and follows her heart and inner values with everything she does and her Fi and she's a bit reckless and spontaneous as a P and perceiver and she's very idealistic as well as a NF too, and her Ne is interested in interesting new quirky things like Kung Fu movies and mysteries and legends like the TV myth. She's also very happy, goofy, silly and innocent like most ENFPs are known for as well and is very optimistic as well like most ENFPs as again usually are. She's also really indecisive as a person an with her dialogue and likes to brainstorm new ideas and new possibilities all the time with her Ne and again takes awhile for her to decide things in her head before she goes with it with her Te to do it. And she loves coming up with new ideas and gets excited by new ideas all the time that sound interesting as a Ne dom with the examples I already explained before. And Chie is future oriented with her Ne and doesn't really live in the moment like a Se user does, she prefers to focus on the future with things a lot and her mind is more future oriented with things and activities as a whole with how she is and comes across in the game and with her dialogue and how its said in the game too. She's usually predicting things in the future on what people are gonna say or do next quite a lot as well with her Ne and her intuition and she does it pretty accurately so far.

When they do enter the TV world she's always asking questions the whole time while they're there and walking, like "What do we do now?" "Are you sure where not wandering farther away?" "Anyway...What's with this room?" "Wait...what's that...?" and so on. A lot of the time the writers have the Ne users asking all the questions since thats a big part of how Ne works with them wondering possibilities in the world so much and being curious of the world around them and of people and things too. When she sees the strange creature guy in the mysterious world he Ne asks the questions and brainstorms the possibilities on what it is and could possibly be and she says it all out loud and asks it, "What is this thing? A monkey? A bear...?" This line here is a massive Ne line coming from Chie in the game, of her brainstorming multiple possibilities and wondering what animal the thing in front of her is. Her Te cares about efficiency and is always wanting to hurry up and get a task or goal done now and as soon as possible in the game and is at times a bit bossy and assertive as she yells at the bear creature guy, "What's your problem? What gives you the right to yell at us like that?" "What are you? Where are we? What the heck is going on here!?" Her Ne further asks. "Where did those TVs come from?" "What's going on now? Whoa! Hey, what are you doing?" and so on.

They finally leave the strange world as the strange bear pushes them out. We see another Ne moment in Chie when she asks "What's up now?" and so on with her Ne question in the scene responding to Yosuke's observation he remembered about the poster. Fast forwarding Chie uses her Ne as she says out loud I wonder why they're holding a school assembly all of a sudden." and then proceeds to be curious with her Ne and ask the question out loud with her Ne again, "Hey, what's wrong, Yosuke?" More Ne lines like, "Found dead? How could this happen?" and so on, these last few lines and some others most people would say in these situations and would use there Ne a lot here true but I think I proved she uses Ne more than most people as a ENFP and dom Ne user in her case though with all the examples above and explanation of her Si as well, along with Te and Fi as well. Also as Yosuke pieced things together with his Si and compared and contrasted the two incidents together after Saki died, Chie said "What's that supposed to mean...?" with her curiosity and then quickly pieced things together with her intuition that you must be saying, "Hold on...Are you saying...?" "People who appear on that TV...die...?" Chie's Ne caught onto this point pretty quickly with her intuition in this scene and I think we also see a lot of Yosuke's Ne and Si too in this scene as well but again I'll talk more on him in a separate post later.

Chie's Ne and intuition predicted what Yosuke was gonna say a lot in this scene and what he was gonna do next as well based on what he was saying and his demeanor and words throughout their talk in this whole cutscene with them in the hallway. And Yosuke used a lot of his intuition and instincts in this scene as well and showed a lot of Ne on his part too and Si again. They end off the scene with her understanding how he feels with her Fi inner values and empathy of seeing how he feels inside about this and her death so strongly in his heart and emotions and then she shows us again in this scene she cares about security with her Si and wants to be cautious cause she's not sure if they'll be able to leave that place safely again like last time even if she's usually spontaneous and a adventurous person as a perceiver and ENFP girl. I could probably go on and on, these examples and evidence is why I type Chie ENFP from Persona 4 and not ESFP or ESTP or ESFJ like some people think or saw that I've seen online, I've seen some sources type her ENFP though too so at least some people see it. Hopefully this post helped you see all her functions and why she's a clear ENFP in my opinion already. As I get further on I'll make more posts on her for added content like the other characters, I'm gonna start working on my Ryuji ESFP post now from Persona 5, thanks for reading.

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