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CBT versus depth psychology/analysis?


Active member
Jun 21, 2009
I'm reading a book at the moment about Psychoanalysis or Depth Psychology.

That is a psychology based upon insights of the unconscious, repressions, free/spontaneous associations etc. and I am thinking about how this contrasts with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

CBT as I understand it is a psychology based upon cognitions/thoughts, deliberate cognitions/thoughts and behavioural activations (that is actions, behaviour, whatever the initial motivation/demotivation or "feeling").

Most therapists or psychologists practice a sort of integrative practice these days, even if they favour more one approach or the other. What are your thoughts about either of these schools of thought? Do you think one is an improvement on the other? Which has proven more valid in coping with life's challenges for you? It is probably not a matter of choosing between one and other, they could both be valid for different reasons at different times, but do you favour one or the other?