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Burning Stomach (or Stomach Burn) is caused by too much Sugar in the Diet


Sep 24, 2017
People who have stomach burns appear to have eaten too much sugar in the diet. This has caused an imbalance in the stomach microbe environment, in which bacteria like Helicobacter pylori becomes overpopulated relative to the other gut microbes. In this case, a person can tell the stomach that one will pay more attention to and control one's sugar intake in the future. This appears to bring along immediate relief.

Other recommendations for relief include drinking ginger tea (also vegetables, like celery juice), and get plenty of water.

Thank you for reading.

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New member
Jun 28, 2022
Hi, Sparkykun. Thanks a lot for these articles. Actually, when I was quite overweight, I noticed my stomach was aching a lot. And, actually, I still love sweets though I’ve already lost my extra weight. So, I noticed that now my stomach feels much better than it used to, so the article you’ve shared proves it. You know, I can even remember the tracking of my weight loss. I used these smart scales to track it https://www.vont.com/product/smart-scale-bathroom-scale-weight-scale/. And, actually, my desire to eat smth sweet is now getting weaker and weaker. And, eventually, it’s not gone away. As I’ve said, I still love sweets, but the only sweet food I consume is dark chocolate. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Keep us updated.
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