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Bulma Briefs (ENTP) - One of the Greatest ENTP Females of All Time, Dragon Ball MBTI


Feb 21, 2013
Bulma MBTI ENTP - Dragon Ball MBTI Types

Bulma Briefs MBTI ENTP - Dragon Ball Z Myers-Briggs Types.

I figured I'd share this Bulma post I made in a official separate post like this since its Bulma and she deserve it as she's an amazing ENTP anime girl. This comes from my ENTP Anime characters post I made here down below if you want to check it out:

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Bulma from Dragon Ball, Bulma is one of the best ENTP girls in anime and is one of the best of all time. She's curious, adventurous, a genius, imaginative, creative, comes up with great ideas all the time, likes to mess with people, and is very good at talking and talking her way in and out of anything with people which is a common trait in ENXPs in general. She came up with the idea with her Ne on creating the Dragon Radar, one of the few people in the entire world to do so with only the Red Ribbon Army being the other and they only made a faulty bad one and a 16 year old ENTP genius girl made a perfect one with her Ne and Ti, amazing. She came up with the idea for the Time Machine to save the world and timelines. Bulma is an amazing character and one of if not the best character in Dragon Ball history and is the most important character in the series and franchise ever of all time with her contributions and inventions in the story, the story of Dragon Ball could not progress or get started without Bulma and her actions and inventions in the series, and she found Goku so there is that amazing innovation and accomplishment there too as well. She came up with the idea to have Shenron find Dr. Gero and go and stop him before he makes the Androids first, she came up with the idea on asking Shenron to save the world when Raditz showed up, I don't think this was filler but she invented the speaking device for Captain Ginyu in the frog form, she invented the shrinking device in Dragon Ball with her Ne and Ti as well. She also came up with the idea to gather the Dragon Ball's to save the world by asking Shenron to stop Raditz.

She has developed Fe and reads peoples emotions a lot, cares for society values, acts super girly for an ENTP and wants a boyfriend as a motivation at the start of the series making her look ESFX at first but we find out she's an ENTP and Ne dom and Ti aux with the examples above and just has Fe tertiary developed and strong in her as a tomboy ENTP girl with a girly side to her with her Fe ter as well. She also is very motherly with her Fe ter as well with trunks and has a mild responsible motherly side to her but overall isn't responsible at all as her adventurous and spontaneous impulsive and reckless ENTP perciever side comes out when she brings baby Trunks in the ship and jumps right in to see the Androids because her Ne is curious what they look like and what they're like in general. She's scatter-brained and airheaded and unorganized and unstructured which is common in ENTPs and Ne doms and Ne users in general most the time, we see this and how unstructured she is when she has a whole mess and junk food and trash everywhere on the spaceship on there trip to Namek. She holds onto the past in unhealthy ways with her Si inferior like if someone said something she didn't like or never forget it even if she's usually forgetful most the time as a Si inferior user, she forgot the Dragon Radar at home in the Buu Saga for example showing her low Si in her. Bulma is one of the best ENTPs girls and characters of all time, she's an amazing character and the most influential in Dragon Ball history for sure. Give her props if you haven't already she deserves it. Goku is ENFP and Bulma is ENTP and the series start with two Ne doms going on a adventure, the start of a classic series that would change the world forver and Bulma started it with this journey in the first place and with finding Goku at all, truly amazing.
Here's a great Bulma analysis video by Totally Not Mark, an amazing INFP Dragon Ball Z YouTuber thats great and very smart person as well:

Bulma: The Female Character | The Anatomy of Anime - YouTube

My typings for the Dragon Ball characters:

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Goku the first ENFP in Shonen Jump and starting the most Shonen Main Characters are ENFP stereotype too:

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Bulma was listed here in this ENTP Anime characters list:

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