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[NF] Aura colors


New member
Mar 19, 2016
Primary Color: Abstract Tan
Secondary Color: Blue

Thanks for the interesting quiz. I'll admit complete ignorance about auras, so this was a fun introduction :)


Dec 21, 2013
Wanted to bump this nice test for anyone who have not noticed it before.


Mar 4, 2021
Instinctual Variant
Your primary aura color is: Lavender.
Your secondary aura color is: Yellow.

I looked this up online:
You Lavender aura color personalities are gentle and free spirits who live through your feelings and intuition, rather than through your intellect. You want to be free to move in whatever direction feels right at the time, and your directions change as often as the clouds do. You dream of being free to live a simple and carefree life, to be able to explore your imagination, and to be creative - but not have to face the practical responsibilities of the physical world.

Because of your creative talents, you Lavenders often dream of being artists or writers. You can especially be adept at writing fantasy or children’s fiction. With your Lavender aura, you can reach your dreams by learning to use your creative abilities and transforming your visions into works of art. But you must learn to stay focused in your body, face the physical world, and be responsible, which you typically resist doing. You dreamy-eyed Lavenders must find a way to use your creative and inventive talents to make money – or, better yet, find someone else who can manage your money and business while you focus on your creativity. Although your ideas are not always rational, others are often able to find a practical way to help you make money. You Lavender auras actually benefit most by being with people who patiently support you and who help you find ways to make a living with your projects.

As you might have guessed with this cheery color, yellow auras signify someone who is sunny and charismatic, Terry says. They may also have a magnetic personality that attracts lots of different people.

Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra, which deals with your identity and confidence. Yellow in your aura, then, is a good sign that you're feeling confident and empowered.


Well-known member
Sep 20, 2017
Your primary aura color is: Logical Tan.
Your secondary aura color is: Abstract Tan.