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[SJ] Am I typical for an ISFJ?


New member
Apr 16, 2021
Both my mom and my sister are ISFJs like me, but I seem very different from them. I am a guy so maybe that's why. Both my mom and my sister love being neat, have fun doing chores, are really emotional and fiery, have no problem standing up for themselves when they're confronted, avoid confrontation about things that are weird, don't like weird things, likes being normal, is obsessed with status, are very nice but two-faced, can be very vapid, and are very grounded. They're sensitive but not too romantic and head in the clouds.

I, on the other hand, love reading and any other form of fiction (I love dark, wonderous, sad, and sentimental things) and I also have a mild interest in learning. My memory is awful so I don't do it much, but if my memory were better I would learn about Freud, Jung, existentialism, and child soldiers. I also love the innocence and if I were smarter I would examine it. I also am fascinated by the corruption of innocence. I am a very soft and meek person, but I love dark, disturbing, and taboo things as long as they are sentimental and surreal. I was always very lazy and did awful in school because I was very pessimistic about my future. I love sad music like bright eyes, Sufjan stevens, and jeff Buckley, but I also like very soft music like owl city. I'm not sure if this is true about me because I don't show it off too much but I'm very sentimental and romantic. I'll be honest, I'm a huge special snowflake that wants to be special. I score high in FI, so is that the reason why I'm so different from the rest of my family?